8 Most Effective and Best Counter Marksman Items in Mobile Legends

Marksman is one of the roles in Mobile Legends, usually this role is often a carry or core for the team because it has high damage and can kill enemies quickly using basic attacks. However, marksman certainly has counters, both hero counters and counter marksman items, which makes marksman not very effective. The marksman role is indeed difficult because it must be good at farming and also positioning during war so that it is not easily targeted by the enemy. Usually heroes that are difficult to kill by marksman are tank heroes or fighter heroes with high durability, they often use anti marksman or defense items so that attack damage can be reduced.

Well, on this occasion there is a list and discussion about anti marksman items or very strong defense items to withstand attacks from marksman heroes. For tank users or Mobile Legends players, they must know about defense items in order to have a thick and impenetrable defense, so just watch it until it’s finished.

1. Blade Armor

The first counter marksman item is Blade Armor, one of the defense items with the highest physical defense. Blade Armor is very suitable for use by tank heroes to strengthen defense and physical defense, besides that Blade Armor is an anti marksman item. Usually tank heroes like Johnson, Tigreal, Khufra, Gatotkaca, Uranus often use this item as an additional defense to make it thicker. The price is also relatively cheap and can be purchased in the early game but is still useful for countering marksman until the late game.

The passive of this item is a reflection of damage, every enemy attacks the user of this item, 25% of the damage will return to the attacker. This item is perfect for countering all marksman heroes, such as Claude, Clint, Yi Sun-shin, and all mm can counter this Blade armor item.

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2. Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is the next counter marksman item, this item is usually used by tank and fighter heroes. This item has decent physical defense, increases movement speed, reduces cooldown, reduces attack speed, and can reduce the regen effect by up to 50%. Dominance Ice can reduce the area regen effect, so if there are enemies close to the item user, the regen effect will automatically be reduced.

This defense item is suitable for all types of tanks, fighters can also buy this item such as Yu Zhong, Thamuz, Paquito, and others. Even in the late game, this item is useful for countering marksman heroes or other heroes because it can reduce attack speed and provide an anti-regen effect to enemies.

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3. Antique Cuirass

The next counter marksman item is Antique Cuirass, one of the strongest defense items. Antique Cuirass has attributes that really help strengthen the durability of heroes, especially tanks because this role requires high defense so as not to die easily. Antique Cuirass is an effective anti mm item to ward off their attacks, besides that assassin heroes can also be countered with this item.

Antique Cuirass can give users 920 HP, +54 Physical defense, +2 HP regen, of course, very useful for tank heroes. In addition, this item has a passive in the form of a 10% physical attack reduction for 2 seconds and can be stacked up to 3 times. So, if you encounter a marksman who has high physical damage then just buy this item to reduce the damage given and increase durability.

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4. Twilight Armor

Twilight Armor is one of the defense items, the function of this item itself is to counter heroes with high critical damage or damage. This item has attributes in the form of +1200 HP, +400 Mana, +20% Critical damage reduction, making the hero who uses it thicker and stronger. The passive of this item itself is also quite good for countering several heroes, the passive is when you have received 600 physical damage then this passive will be active and give a 20% reduction in physical damage received and give true damage to opponents around 20 + 5% of additional max hp for 3 seconds.

This item is able to counter heroes who rely on critical damage, one of which is marksman like Lesley, Granger, Clint, Bruno, and many more because marksman usually rely on critical damage from items or innate skills. Twilight Armor is very suitable for tank heroes to increase durability and reduce damage from critical damage, besides that this item is suitable for offensive or aggressive tanks.

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5. Queen’s Wings

The next counter marksman item is Queen’s Wings, this item is very suitable for use by tanks and fighters. Queen’s Wings is an item that can add attributes in the form of +900 HP, +25 Physical attack, +10% Cooldown reduction. This item also has a passive skill, which reduces attack damage by 20% if the user’s life is less than 40% and adds spell vamp up to 25%, this passive has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Queen’s Wings is very useful during war or teamfight because it can increase spell vamp and damage reduction so that heroes who use this item can last longer. However, the weakness of this item is of course its passive cooldown and weak against heroes with true damage, for example like Karrie. To counter other marksman, it is still possible as long as it is not true damage, fighter heroes and tanks, especially those who rely on lifesteal, must use this item.

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6. Immortality

Immortality is a defense item in Mobile Legends and one of the anti marksman items and other heroes. This item is very useful, especially during the late game phase which has a long respawn time, so having this item is very helpful. The passive of this item itself is that it can give the hero user a second chance and recover 15% HP and provide a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage, has a cooldown of 180 seconds. In addition, this item can provide attributes in the form of +800 HP and +40 Physical defense.

Immortality can be used as a counter marksman item because it can provide a second chance to live, can be used to escape or counter attacks. This item can reduce the possibility of a feeder if used properly, and is very important for the late game phase, even all roles are recommended to use this item as defense, especially to counter marksman or late game heroes.

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7. Wind of Nature

The next counter marksman item is Wind of Nature, an item that is classified as an Attack item. Why can this item counter marksman? actually this item is suitable for use by marksman. Look, there must be a team marksman hero and an enemy marksman hero, so during the battle you can use the Wind of Nature item for the team marksman so that you are not easily defeated. This item has a passive that can withstand physical damage for 2 seconds, but this is only effective if used by marksman, other roles are not effective because the immune duration will be reduced to half.

The existence of this item is very useful for the team’s marksman to counter the opponent’s marksman while adding some attributes and defense. This item will provide attributes in the form of +30 Physical attack, +20% attack speed, +10% physical lifesteal. So, for marksman users, just use this item to counter enemy marksman and other burst damage heroes.

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8. Brute Force Breastplate

The last counter marksman item on this list is Brute Force Breastplate, one of the mandatory defense items for fighters. Brute Force does have a defense or defense that is weaker than other physical defense items, but the usefulness of this item is worth considering. This item is often used by fighters to increase durability as well as counter marksman heroes, although not much at least as damage reduction. Brute Force has a passive, namely increasing movement speed by 3% if attacking with a basic attack or skill and adding physical and magical defense by 4 can be stacked up to 5 times.

Brute Force is a mandatory item for fighter and some tank heroes, especially roamers because it gives pretty good attributes, especially to counter marksman. The attribute of this item itself is +770 HP, and +45 Physical defense, which is good enough to withstand enemy attack damage. Although not as strong as the items above, Brute Force is very useful for fighter and tank roles as a counter item mm, heroes who have a short cooldown skill also benefit from using this item.

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Well, that was the list and discussion about counter marksman items, hopefully it can add knowledge, especially for ML players. The item above is intended to counter marksman heroes who mostly rely on basic attacks and physical damage or critical as their main weapon, also consider buying anti mm items according to the hero so that you don’t build the wrong one. Just stay here and see you gamers!

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