7 Ways to Get Free UC on PUBG Mobile, Definitely Safe!

UC or the abbreviation of Unknown Cash is the currency in the PUBG Mobile game, its own function is to buy various items in the game, especially premium items. There are various ways to get free UC in PUBG Mobile which of course requires effort to be fulfilled. Indeed, the easiest way is to buy it with money, but if you don’t have money and are more concerned with other needs then it’s better to just use the option to get uc for free.

So on this occasion we will discuss and list several ways to get free uc on PUBG Mobile. For those of you who want to get UC for free and don’t need to spend or spend to buy UC then just read this article until it runs out, just follow the discussion and list.

1. Join the PUBG Mobile Official Event

The first way to get free UC in PUBG Mobile is to take part in the official PUBG Mobile event. Usually there are several events aimed at PUBGM players and various prizes such as UC or exclusive items and others. This event is often present both on PUBG Mobile’s social media and in-game events so you must be diligent in updating the latest news and events so you don’t miss out.

The prizes are pretty good, especially when you can get UC to spend on certain items in the PUBGM game. However, you also have to be diligent in completing the missions in the event in order to get free UC. Sometimes you also have to compete with other players because the prizes are not for all players.

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2. Participate in the UC PUBG Mobile Giveaway

Next for how to get free uc on PUBG Mobile, that is by participating in a giveaway. Giveaway itself is a gift given by someone to another person, usually a fan, often a giveaway must use conditions such as follow, like, or share. To take part in the giveaway, you should look for information first, for example there are Youtubers or Influencers who are holding PUBG Mobile giveaways, so please follow. In addition, there are usually websites or Facebook or Tiktok fanspages that often hold giveaways.

We recommend that if you enter the giveaway, follow all the conditions so that it is considered valid during the draw. Indeed, the giveaway is chancy, not everyone will get it, only the luckiest will get the prize. Don’t forget to pray so you can win the giveaway, giveaways are usually free and don’t charge a hefty fee if you get free UC.

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3. Using the Google Opinion Rewards App

Google opinion is an application created by Google specifically to provide surveys or collect opinions to users and will be paid with Google Play credits. So how to get free UC from Google Opinion Rewards app? The method is quite simple, just fill it out if there is a survey and you will get a Google Play balance that can be used to buy UC on PUBG Mobile. To collect Google Play balance from this application does take time and effort because it is not every day there are surveys but it is quite worth it compared to spending a lot of money.

How to get frequent surveys? The trick is to answer surveys honestly and correctly because Google’s system can track if you are lying besides that if you answer honestly, you will be given more surveys. As soon as the Google Play balance is sufficient to buy UC, just buy UC through the page on PUBG Mobile and select Google Play balance as the payment method, it’s easy right.

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4. Participate in the PUBG Mobile Tournament with Prizes

The next way to get free UC in PUBG Mobile is by participating in the PUBG Mobile tournament. It sounds difficult right? but in proportion to the number of prizes you get and the exciting experience, not only UC prizes but prizes in the form of cash or trophies, of course you can get plus-plus bonuses if you win. There are various PUBG Mobile tournaments that can be participated in, it is better to also take part in official tournaments or tournaments held by a clear community to avoid being scammed.

To take part in a tournament you must also have a team or be able to join other teams because tournaments usually require teams. Tournaments also usually require a registration fee so you have to prepare first, but when it comes to prizes, of course, it is much higher than the registration fee as long as you can win the tournament.

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5. Using Money Making Apps

Next for how to get free UC on PUBG Mobile, you can use a money-making application. There are lots of money-making applications and proven to pay, it does take time and effort because the application pays if you perform tasks such as downloading applications, online surveys, playing games, answering questions, and others. For example, money-making applications include Snackvideo, Cashzine, Buzzbreak, Cash’em All, and many more can be found on the Google Play Store.

After you reach the withdrawal limit, you can immediately withdraw and use it to buy UC through official top ups or other online top up sites. If you want to be fast, there is a trick, namely by inviting friends or referrals, usually the prizes are bigger and you can collect the balance faster so you can exchange them for money.

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6. Using Money Making Sites

Using a money-making site is the next way to get free UC, if the money-making application is not effective then you can use the site. There are lots of sites that can be a field to make money so you can buy UC PUBG Mobile, both foreign sites and Indonesian-language sites. Usually the website or site offers money or other prizes if the user successfully completes various tasks such as surveys, games, reviews, and many other tasks. For example, some money-making websites so you can buy UC such as Swagbucks, Yougov, Surveyon, OpinionWorld, Clixsense, and many more.

To raise money on a money-making site does take time and effort, of course, but if it is successful, it can be enjoyed to buy UC. As long as you continue to do the tasks on the site, the faster you can withdraw, just how easy it is to get free PUBG UC as long as you want to try.

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7. Become a Streamer

The last way to get PUBG Mobile free UC on this list is Become a Streamer. It sounds difficult right? but it is proportional to the number of results obtained if you can get a lot of UC questions, you know. To be a streamer does require a variety of equipment but actually it’s not as you imagine, with a cellphone, you can become a streamer, especially on Facebook. The streamer must be live or broadcast directly the video game that is being played, especially playing the PUBG Mobile game.

The easiest platform is Facebook Gaming Creators, besides that there are platforms like Twitch, Nimo TV, Youtube, and others. If you already have a lot of audience, you will get a lot of money, besides that you will get sponsors, which of course are paid, with the money from the streaming, you can buy as much UC as you want.

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Well, that was the list and discussion for how to get free UC on PUBG Mobile, indeed some are easy and some are difficult but all require effort and time. How to get free UC illegally or by cheating is not recommended because it can cause your PUBGM account to get banned, so just use a legal and safe way. Looks like it’s only here this time, hopefully it’s useful and see you soon.

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