12 Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile 2022, Auto Massacre!

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale genre games, especially by Indonesian gamers. This game cannot be separated from the name of the weapon because it is the main element of the game, there are various best weapons in PUBG Mobile 2022 that you can use to slaughter enemies. Without weapons, where is it possible for PUBG players to win the game or get a chicken dinner, it’s almost impossible for sure.

Well, on this occasion we will register and discuss the best weapons in PUBG Mobile in 2022. So, if you are curious and want to know immediately so that you can use the weapons below to get chicken dinner, then watch until the end. Immediately following is a list of weapons.

1. M416

M416, of course, many PUBG players use this weapon as their mainstay weapon when playing, of course there is a reason. The M4 has several advantages so that this weapon is in great demand by most players such as a decent fire rate, bullet capacity, and easier recoil than other assault rifles. This weapon is also often encountered so it is only natural that players prefer to use M4 weapons because they are easy to obtain.

In close combat the M4 is very deadly as long as it is able to control the recoil of the weapon, although it is not as bad as the AKM. The M4 can also still be used in medium-range combat as long as it is also able to aim and control the recoil of this weapon. If you could say the M4 is the most popular and favorite assault rifle and one of the best weapons in PUBG Mobile.

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2. AWM

AWM is one of PUBGM’s best weapons as well as the deadliest weapon. AWM weapons are included in the sniper rifle type and are classified as very rare because they can only be obtained through airdrops and even then it must be lucky if you can but surely this weapon is in every match. AWM is deadly because it can drop or kill an opponent with just one shot, even a level 3 helmet is not able to withstand the rigors of AWM bullets when hit by a headshot, which is why AWM is highly sought after and contested.

AWM is also relatively easy to use, even better when combined with an 8x scope, attachments such as suppressors or compensators and also magazines. Because it is classified as an AWM sniper rifle, it is very effective if used at long distances or at least medium distances and even better if you get a strategic and hidden position in order to slaughter the enemy.

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3. Groza

Groza is also included in the best weapon in PUBG Mobile 2022, this weapon has sick damage and is rare. Groza can only be obtained through airdrops, making this weapon rare and a game for PUBG players because it is pretty good for close combat. Even though it has a rather high recoil, if you can control the recoil then Groza becomes deadly in a reliable hand especially at close range.

Groza is even better when combined with attachments such as scopes, especially holographic or 4x then suppressors and other attachments. The key is that as long as you can control the recoil of this weapon, players can certainly use Groza to rush or attack enemies at close range because this weapon has a decent fire rate and higher damage.

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4. Kar98k

The Kar98k is included in the bolt action sniper rifle, even though this weapon is still capable of overthrowing the enemy easily. This sniper can be used to destroy a level 2 helmet if it is a headshot, therefore this weapon is in great demand by PUBGM players, especially snipers. This weapon is relatively easy to find because it is not as rare as an M24 or AWM and is the reason why players use the Kar98k more as their flagship sniper weapon.

Kar98k is effective for long-range combat because it is classified as a sniper, even though it only has 5 bullets per round but is still deadly if the shot hits the enemy. This weapon can be combined with attachment scopes, muzzles, and butts to make it even more effective when used for combat.

5. AUGA3

AUG is one of the rare assault rifles because it can only be obtained exclusively in airdrops, therefore the quality is certainly good. This AR weapon also includes weapons that PUBG players are interested in if they manage to find and retrieve the weapon, almost the same as the M4 but more painful and the recoil can be controlled. With its distinctive sound, AUG is very suitable to be used to rush or play riot besides being able to shoot at enemies from a distance.

AR weapons are effective at close and medium range, just like AUG is also effective in combat at that distance, so if you encounter this weapon, just use it. The AUG can be fitted with other attachments to increase the strength and effectiveness of this weapon in both combat and defense.

6. M24

M24 is one of the sniper weapons in PUBG Mobile, this weapon is even more deadly than the Kar98k. M24 is capable of destroying level 2 helmets and injuring level 3 helmets, besides that the armor also affects the damage from this bolt action sniper attack. This weapon is a bit rare and hard to find, even rarer than the Kar98k, PUBG players really like this sniper because it can accommodate more bullets when using a magazine.

Like other sniper weapons, the M24 is very effective if used from a distance, especially using an 8x scope, it is definitely better and on target. The M24 can also be added with other attachments such as a magazine, muzzle, or stock so that this weapon becomes more deadly than without any attachments.

7. M249

The M249 is a machine gun or submachine gun because it can be carried, this weapon is often called the Rambo weapon by PUBG players, of course because Rambo likes to use machine guns when playing movies. This weapon can only be found in airdrops so it is included in a row of rare weapons, but weapons that are only found in airdop have advantages over weapons found when looting in buildings.

M249 is very effective to use at medium and close range because its function is to strafe the enemy with bullets, don’t be afraid to run out because the bullets from this weapon are 100 so it takes a while to run out. This weapon can also be used to destroy enemies both in buildings and open places, to survive it is also quite good because it has a large stock of bullets.

8. Beryl M762

The best weapon in the next pubg mobile is the Beryl M762, an assault rifle weapon similar to the AKM but the shape is a bit modern and more different. Beryl has a decent attack power and rate of fire even though the recoil is also a bit difficult to control, but this weapon is very deadly at close range attacks, especially when crushing.

Beryl also includes an assault rifle that is often used by PUBG Mobile players instead of M4 or AKM because these weapons are also relatively easy to find. This weapon is not suitable for use when fighting at medium range because it is a bit difficult to control recoil, but Beryl is guaranteed to be very deadly if used at close range.

9. MK14 EBR

Of course the MK14 is included in the list of the best weapons in pubg mobile 2022, this weapon is the best and most painful DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) weapon. The MK14 can be useful both in close and long range combat because this weapon can be set to full automatic or single or burst shot so it is very useful depending on the distance. This weapon also has the highest damage among other DMR weapons so it is highly sought after by PUBG Mobile players.

Unfortunately, MK14 can only be obtained through airdrops, so this rifle is rare and a bit difficult to find depending on the items in the airdrop. But, if you already hold this weapon, it is certainly very helpful both in long and close combat. To be even more effective, use attachments such as scope, muzzle, and magazine so that this weapon becomes even more deadly.

10. DP-28

DP 28 is one of the best weapons in pubg mobile, this weapon belongs to the LMG or submachine gun class. Unfortunately this weapon can only be found in two maps, namely Livik and Erangel, but it is not a rare weapon because it is relatively easy to find. The advantages of this weapon lie in its recoil, distance, and bullet load, although it has a drawback, namely the reload time is quite long, but this weapon is still very worth it to strafe the enemy.

DP 28 is very good for shooting enemies from medium or close range because the recoil of this weapon is very easy to control, so this weapon is a mainstay for PUBG players on the Livik map. Of course the DP 28 can still be fitted with a scope to help target the enemy, especially from long and medium distances, although there are no other additional attachments, especially to shorten the magazine reload time.

11. Uzi

Uzi is one of the best submachine guns included in the list of the best weapons this time. This weapon is often used by PUBG Mobile players, especially during the early stages of the game because it requires a very effective weapon when fighting at close range with the enemy. Although sometimes this weapon can be brought after the initial phase of the game, it is still effective for rushing, especially in buildings.

Uzi has a high fire rate so it is very deadly if used at close range to shoot enemies in full automatic succession. For close range Uzi is very lethal and is perfect for rushing, but not suitable for long or medium range combat. Uzi is also good in combination with attachments such as suppressors then additional stock and holographic or red dot scopes.

11. AKM

The last but not the worst weapon is the AKM, one of the deadliest assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. AKM has quite deadly attack damage, especially if used at close range, the only problem is that AKM’s recoil is difficult to control, especially for newbie players. However, if you manage to control the recoil of this weapon, the player can slaughter the enemy with a controlled AKM.

AKM can actually be used in mid-range combat if it is equipped with a scope but again recoil is a problem so it’s better to switch to single shoot mode instead of auto. Still, the AKM is overpowered if used at close range because it is likely that the enemy will be hit by more barrages than shooting them from a distance.

That was the article about the best weapons in pubg mobile 2022, hopefully it can add insight and be useful, especially for the players of the game. If there are additions or different opinions, please leave a comment so everyone can know, don’t hesitate. See you soon, don’t forget to stop by so you don’t miss out on unique and interesting game information.

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