13 Weakest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2022, Don't Use!

Mobile Legends has many heroes that can be used to play, of course the players want to use the strongest hero in mobile legends in order to win the match. But, did you know that there are weakest heroes in mobile legends that you shouldn’t especially when playing in ranked mode. The weakest hero here means that it is weak in terms of defense, damage, or overall or is not noticed by the developer so that his abilities are left behind. The pilot or player is also a determining factor even though the Hero is weak but in the right hands it may still be op.

Well, on this occasion we will register and discuss about the weakest hero in mobile legends 2022. If you are curious, please just read this article to the end so that you understand the whole content, right away.

1. Layla

The weakest hero in mobile legends is Layla, one of the heroes with the role marksman. Layla can be said to be weak because she is easily killed by the enemy, it is of course because her blood is thin. During the early game Layla is also relatively weak and can’t do anything, especially during war, this hero really needs the help of teammates, especially from tanks and support.

Layla’s biggest weakness lies in her skill set, although she can inflict great damage to attack the opponent, but there is no escape skill so she can’t run away when targeted by the enemy. Indeed, this hero is weak but don’t underestimate Layla in the late game, the key is that the team must protect Layla and always carry a flicker spell to escape.

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2. Vexana

The next weakest hero is Vexana who is a hero mage in mobile legends. Vexana is weak because she is left behind in the current meta, this hero is like dying because she doesn’t get a buff from the ML developer. For now Vexana is not very suitable for use and even players are very rarely found playing this one hero mage.

In the past, even though Vexana had entered its heyday and was often used by ML players, but slowly until now this hero is dead and weak. Octoberbe in the future Moonton will provide a significant buff to this hero or even revamp so that Vexana is no longer weak and even stronger.

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3. Faramis

Faramis is one of the support mage heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero is also quite weak, especially in the current meta. Even though it looks great and terrible with the ultimate skill, it can revive a dead team hero for a few seconds, but it still has weaknesses, especially the ultimate area and duration. This hero is also quite difficult to use and has minimal escape skills unless using skill 2 but it is still not very effective, of course what makes him weak is that he easily dies.

Faramis is not completely weak, this hero can still be relied on for example during war or teamfights because he can revive teammates even if he dies. His stack is also useful because it can reduce respawn time, of course this is very useful, especially during late games, even though Faramis is weak, you know.

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4. Minsitthar

The next weakest hero is Minsitthar, why is it weak? because this hero is also rarely used and the developer has not done a buff or revamp. Minsitthar is now weak and lost to other heroes, even fellow fighters, there are still many who are superior to this Minsitthar. Actually Minsitthar’s skill is good, you know, he has a lot of crowd control, he can also kidnap enemies using skill 1 just like Franco.

For some reason very few players pay attention to and use Minsitthar so the developer doesn’t have a revamp plan for this hero yet. Even though if it gets a massive revamp, of course Minsitthar will most likely win again and many players will use it in the game meta.

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5. Hanabi

The next weakest hero in Mobile Legends 2022 is Hanabi, one of the role marksman heroes. Hero can be said to be weak because he doesn’t have a defense that is as strong as Layla, except that Hanabi still has passive shield and anti-crowd control skills. Hanabi is classified as weak in the early game so she is easily bullied, if she is constantly bullied it is difficult for Hanabi to “become”.

Even though she is weak, Hanabi can still be relied on, especially if she is in the late game, the enemy can be overwhelmed by the damage of Hanabi’s attacks, which can bounce here and there. But, indeed Hanabi needs full protection from tanks and teammates so that she is no longer weak and more dominant, especially during the late game phase.

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6. Cyclops

Cyclops is also included in the list of ml’s weakest heroes, he is a weak mage compared to other mages. Cyclops is weak because he has no effective defense or escape skills, so he is often an easy target for enemy heroes. Nowadays, heroes like Cyclops who have minimal escape skills are rarely used only by certain people who play the hero.

Cyclops is indeed quite good especially for single target lock but he is not useful enough during team fights because it can only target one target hero instead of crowd control for many enemy heroes. But, even so, Cyclops has a fairly large attack damage even heroes like marksman must be careful when meeting Cyclops

7. Gord

The weakest hero in the next 2022 ml is Gord, this hero is a mage hero. Gord can be said to be weak because he is an easy target for the opposing hero, this hero does not have escape skills and only relies on the flicker spell when using the battle spell. Without the protection of his teammates, Gord can’t do anything and it’s even hard to escape considering he doesn’t have any escape skills.

But besides his weakness in terms of escaping and avoiding the opponent’s attacks, Gord is able to deal high damage to the opponents he attacks. Especially when using the ultimate gord skill it will emit a high-damage straight beam to the affected opponent, the skill can be controlled. However, at this time Gord became weak and an easy target, so he asked to be covered by a teammate.

8. Estes

The next hero is Estes who is a support hero in Mobile Legends. Estes is weak because now it is rarely used by Mobile Legends players, even though she includes support with the best heal abilities. But until now Estes is still weak and has not received a revamp because it can make this hero rise again.

Actually Estes is only weak in defense as long as it is well protected and uses the skill set correctly this hero can still be considered quite good. However, the presence of counter heal items such as Necklace of Durance or Sea Helbeard makes Estes ineffective now because it is countered by these items.

9. Odette

In the next number, there is Odette, one of the mage heroes and is included in the list of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends. Odette is now rarely used even though there are some players who still use a combination of Odette and Johnson, but still this hero is rare. One of the things that makes Odette weak is her escape and self-defense skills, Odette is very easy to catch or chase so it is mandatory for Odette to bring a flicker spell.

However, when it comes to Odette’s damage, it’s still good, it’s even very suitable to be used as support. When teamfight Odette can use her ultimate skill to attack opponents in the area, even so she needs protection because she is vulnerable and weak to enemy attacks.

10. Minotaur

Minotaur is one of the weakest heroes on this list, although he is a tank but weaker than the others. In the past, the Minotaur was often used and became a meta but now this year it is very rare to use this tank hero. The reason is of course because the Minotaur is weaker than other tanks, especially in terms of skill sets.

Minotaur relies too much on his Rage to be strong even though it takes a long time to fill up his rage, especially when used, it’s also easy to run out. His ultimate skill is also less effective because it only fills rage, it is better to replace it with the ultimate skill when he is in rage mode, he must be very overpowered.

11. Carmilla

The weakest hero in Mobile Legends in 2022 is Carmilla, who is one of the support heroes. Why is he weak? the players already know the answer that’s why he is rarely used besides being difficult to use this hero is more of a tank than support or mage. Even though he has crowd control skills which are very useful for disturbing enemies, this hero is like a bear because it is not as effective as tanks or support which are now filled with mage heroes.

If this hero is given a buff or revamp it might be able to attract the attention of the players so that they no longer consider Carmilla as a weak hero. Because the current meta is full of hero mages as support, so Carmilla doesn’t seem like it anymore and needs polish so it won’t be weak.

12. Hanzo

Why is Hanzo classified as a weak hero? yes, even though this hero has tremendous damage, especially when entering ultimate mode he can reach enemies from a distance. But what about Hanzo’s defense? Of course it can be said to be weak, especially when entering the ultimate mode, Hanzo can be attacked if the player is not smart to find a place to hide, Hanzo can even become an easy target.

Hanzo is good in terms of damage but in terms of defense or escape it seems very difficult and weak unless the players can really control this hero. When the shadow of his ultimate skill loses or runs out of life, Hanzo will be stunned and the slow effect of these moments makes him weak and easy to kill by the enemy.

13. Argus

The weakest hero in the last sequence is Argus, one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends. Argus is classified as a weak hero because he is very dependent on the ultimate skill, without the ultimate skill Argus is very weak and thin. When using the ultimate skill, it is also less effective because the enemy will definitely stay away from Argus until the skill duration is complete.

Even though he has received a revamp, Argus is still less attractive to Mobile Legends players, of course because he is weak without the ultimate skill. The ultimate skill can’t die for a few seconds doesn’t guarantee the hero is overpowered but first look at the other abilities or the skills of the pilot or hero player.

That seems to be the list and discussion of the weakest heroes in mobile legends 2022. Hopefully this information can be useful and add insight, especially for Mobile Legends gamers who are still confused about which hero to use, which one is good or which one is weak, but remember PILOT or PLAYER is also a factor the main determinant because every Hero has advantages and the pilot is certainly very influential as an example for pro players for example. Don’t forget to keep visiting to get unique information about the game.

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