2 Easy Ways to Register a Telegram Account

Complete, here are 2 ways to register on Telegram, please listen to it until it’s finished guys

how to register telegram

Hukum96.com – How to register for a telegram is the same as registering in the WhatsApp application. Telegram is a chat application that can be an optional replacement for the highly recommended WhatsApp application.

In the telegram application you can create groups, create channels whose members can be on a large scale, this is certainly different if on whatsapp the number of members is very limited.

In addition to the differences above, Telegram also helps make it easier to manage a group or channel with the help of super smart bots.

2 Easy Ways to Create a Telegram Account

There are two ways to create a Telegram account, namely registering via the application or registering via the web directly.

Here’s how to register a telegram that you can try.

The First Way: Via the Telegram Application

To register for Telegram in the application, you can follow these steps:

1. Download the Telegram application first on your android or on your ios

2. Open Telegram and Click Start Messaging, If There is Permission Click Allow and OK

3. Fill in the cellphone number that you want to use for the telegram list

2 Ways to Register Telegram

4. Enter the OTP Code

2 Ways to Register Telegram
Check the SMS and Enter the OTP Code Received

After entering the OTP code, you will be directed to the main screen of your Telegram application.

Second Way: Via Telegram Web

For those of you who don’t want to register for Telegram through the application, you can optional this second, namely registering via the web directly. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Open Browser and Access web.telegram.org

2. Enter the Mobile Number

3. Fill in the OTP code that enters your cellphone number

4. Done

Now you can use Telegram. You can chat with your friends who are already using Telegram.

Telegram will immediately detect all the contacts on your cellphone, and will show them anyone who has just used Telegram itself.

To delete the contact list that you don’t need, you can do it in the contact settings section.

How to register Telegram is actually useful for you new users, but if you have registered you will be able to use Telegram on multiple devices. In addition, the OTP code used to log in will be sent to the Telegram account that is still connected.

If you join a group, make sure to always set the telegram application not to download video files, images or other files automatically. This is so that the downloaded file can be selected independently so that it does not accumulate on our internal cellphones.

Another thing that you should remember is that the way to register Telegram by email is not yet available at this time. You can just prepare a cellphone number so you can register on Telegram.

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