How To Open Youtube On Android

2 Ways to open youtube on android

how to open youtube on google chrome android – Currently, YouTube has an Android version of the application, but some of us still open YouTube via the browser application.

So in this discussion I will share two different ways so that you can open YouTube or watch YouTube.

Here are two ways that you can try to open or watch youtube:

1. The First Way: Through the Android Youtube Application

You can try this first method by opening the YouTube application on your Android. If you don’t have the Android version of the YouTube app, you can download it from the Play Store.

2. Second Way: Via Browser Application

You can open youtube in your favorite browser application by accessing the youtube address. For example, I gave an example of how to open youtube on google chrome android, please follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open your android google chrome
  2. in the address bar fill with
  3. if you are confused, you can open your google chrome and click here

How to Solve Youtube Not Open

Some of the reasons why youtube can’t be opened on google chrome or in the youtube application is because it is blocked on the router. For example, you are an indihome user, and the router owner who rents this indihome will install a rule on the router so that the website listed cannot be accessed.

This is the reason why youtube can’t be opened on indihome. In fact, it’s not because of the indihome but because of the router owner who blocked it.

Another reason why youtube can’t be accessed is because of the rules from the government in that country that block it, it could be for reasons of the security of that country. You can open YouTube even though it is blocked by the server by using the existing private dns.

Other possible causes include YouTube being down or your internet network having problems. The solution, please use super-smooth internet, and keep reading the news whether YouTube and Google services have problems. you can try to speed up your internet by activating two features on your google chrome, so chrome doesn’t get slow anymore.

How to Minimize Youtube on Android

For those of you who are looking for a way to watch YouTube with a mini or minimized screen, you can follow my tutorial on how to open YouTube while opening another application or click here to go to the article.

That’s the information about how to easily access YouTube on Android. If you encounter problems regarding different problems, please leave a comment by filling in the chronology of events so that I can help analyze and find a solution.

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