How to download applications without having to go through the play store

This is how to download apps without going through the play store

how to download apps without going through play store – there are many ways to download an application without having to go through the google play store application.

how to download applications without using the play store is much sought after, this may be because the application they are looking for is not in the play store. Another cause may be that the application is not compatible with the device or device because it is located in a certain region.

how to download apk without play store

To download an apk without going through the play store, you can try some tips that you can try the following:

1. First Method: Download IN Brand Store Application

The purpose of the brand store is that you can download from the default cellphone store application. Usually on every cellphone today there will always be an application store to download or update from our android application.

For example from xiaomi, there is something called GetApps, getapp is an application like the play store that you can use to download applications. For Vivo, Oppo and Samsung cellphones, it is also available, you can check on each device. they just make an application store with a different name only.

2. The second way: via the APKPure App and the like

APKPure is a website that provides various android apks that you can download for free. You can try downloading it on apkpure or on FDROID.

3. The Third Way: Through Google Search

By utilizing google search, you can download the application you want according to the keywords of the application you want to download. For example “download the whatsapp android apk application”

With the above trick you can use it as a way to download whatsapp without using the play store. It could also be that the tips above can be used as a way to download applications on the play store without deleting other applications unless the memory on your cellphone is full.

Note: downloading an application without the play store can make your cellphone susceptible to malware, this is because the downloaded application may have been modified or changed and a malicious program was implanted. I am not responsible if this happens to your device, that’s why I always recommend that you download the application on the google play store.

That’s how to download applications without using the play store. Hopefully the above tips can be useful for friends who need it.

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