4 Ways to Change OMG VideoMax HOOQ VIU Quota to New Regular Quota

How to Use the Latest OMG VideoMax HOOQ VIU Quota – VideoMax is a service pack specifically used for watching selected videos. In this package we can access HOOQ, CATCHPLAY, Nickelodeon Play, VIU, and TRIBE.

You can watch the selected films that you want to watch, from Korean drama films, Bollywood, Indonesia, etc. The validity period of this videomax package quota is an average of one month with different quota contents and of course the price is different. The following is an example of a videomax quota package:

You can choose the package according to what you want, if you are a fan of Korean or bollywood drama films, you can try to buy a 3GB package at a price of 25RB to be able to enjoy your favorite movies.

However, there are packages with the same quota and the same validity period but different prices, so what makes the difference in that package is the service you get, so before buying, please read the description first so that the package you buy is what you want.

Using OMG VideoMax Quota To Watch Videos

Well, this is the main function of the videomax package, friends can watch movies as you like after registering the package and don’t forget to download the viu, hooq et al. This videomax package is specifically for watching, but you can also use it for other things in the following ways

1. Using OMG VideoMax Quota For Downloading, Browsing ETC KPNTunel Rev

setting kpntunnel rev

Friends, you can download this application via Playstore, make sure you always use the latest version, because almost all of the bugs in the previous version are fixed. For the size of KPNTunnel Rev, approximately 3MB, it doesn’t take up a lot of memory at all.

2. Using OMG VideoMax Quota For Browsing, Download. dll With Psiphon Pro

latest psiphon

No less different from kpntunnel rev, this application has the same function, you can also use this as a tool to open sites that are blocked or censored by a certain wifi network or card provider.

You can download the psiphon pro application on the playstore and make sure you always use the latest version of the application.

3. Using VideoMax Quota For Streaming, Browsing Via Anonytun

latest anonymous

Before the two applications above, actually I was more familiar with the anonymous application first, maybe I didn’t update more times.

Well, this anonytun has the same function as the two applications above, the name is different from the bottom of the grasshopper, if you fail to connect using one of these applications, you can experiment with the other application.

I read and read on a forum, it turns out that in different provinces, the results are different, some connect successfully, some don’t. Maybe different cellphones, different times, the settings to successfully connect using this application hehe.

4. Additional OMG HTTP Injector Quota

Telkomsel provider has released a new feature, namely OMG quota. Now for OMG quota, you can use the application above to change OMG quota to regular quota so that it can be used for browsing and others.

To get the config settings as in HTTP Injector, you can follow the steps below.

  • You can get the HTTP Injector application on the playstore or other sources.
  • Next to get the psiphone config settings, kpn tunel rev or http injectors, you can join the group first. Because the config doesn’t last forever, the alias can change and there are many who share the method.
  • How to join, you search in the Facebook search column with the sentence “HTTP INJECTOR ALL OPERATOR INDONESIA”
  • Please join, bro.
  • I could just copy the config file and re-upload it, but that’s not my work so I’m just telling you the steps.


To use the rest of Videomax, which is almost mountain, you can use these three applications to be able to connect to the internet in general.

In addition, this application can also be used to use the night quota, so you need to set it again. Make sure to experiment because this is unnatural hehe .


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