How to STOP UNREG Internet Packages Tri Daily 4G Monthly

In some of the articles that I have posted there are comments asking how to stop tri internet packages, now this time I will provide information that I hope can help you, Gapunyakode, to unsubscribe from internet packages, especially for tri providers.

Some of the reasons that might be the reason for tri provider consumers to unregister or stop packages are the incompatibility of the quotas they get.

Like me before, because I didn’t read the terms and conditions of the internet package after successfully activating the internet, it turned out that the quota that was obtained for 24 hours was less than the night quota. Another reason was that consumers found other packages that they wanted to try.

Back to the topic again, friend, to stop subscribing to the tri card internet package is actually not too difficult, sometimes even in the reply sms when we activate the internet package there is a way to UNREG or stop an internet package.

However, if there is no information in the reply, maybe the method I share for you can be useful. Here’s how

How to UNREG or STOP Daily and Monthly Internet Packages

  1. Go to the calls menu on your Android phone, buddy
  2. Type *123*2*6#
  3. Choose according to the package that you are currently using. If you use a daily package type 3 then send, if you subscribe to a daily 4G package type 1 then send, If you use a monthly 4G package type 2 then send
  4. Wait for a reply from the operator. I’m trying to stop the monthly 4G package but I’m using the daily package as the response from the operator as follows:
reply to stop internet package

Because I subscribe daily, that’s the information I get, friend. So you can try this alternative method if the SMS does not include a way to UNREG or STOP internet packages.

That’s the information that I can share for my friend, hopefully it’s useful. I am really waiting for comments from you if you have questions or the information I convey is lacking in detail. Thank you

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