How to Edit Videos Giving Sensor Blur Effects Using the Vegas Pro App 14

Hello friends, no code – This post is a little different, but still the scope of the tutorial, friend, this is a recent experience that I got when editing a video, rather than later I forgot so I chose to make an article while sharing information.

At first I had a problem with my video because my phone number was clearly visible, actually it doesn’t matter, it looks pretty uncomfortable if it’s displayed because it’s a personal number other than that it’s more friendly if you just answer the number hehe.

With this problem, I want to make some parts of my video get a sensor blur effect so that it looks a bit invisible, so I searched and followed some tutorials but it turned out to be difficult maybe because the Sony Vegas software version is different.

After I almost gave up on the experiments I did, I finally found a new and very easy way to edit videos to give a sensor blur effect in some parts using the Vegas pro 14 application. Here are the steps.

How to Edit Videos Give the Sensor Blur Effect Vegas Pro 14

  • FirstOpen Software Vegas Pro 14
  • SecondPut the Video to be edited into the track
  • ThirdRight click on the track and select insert video track.
  • FourthFriend, give a blur effect, you can use gaussian blur on the Video FX menu as shown below. Do drag and drop place on the first video track
gaussian blur effect vegas pro
  • Fifth, Enter the Pan/Crop event, click the box symbol on the second video track. Like the picture below
    event pan/crop vegas pro
  • Sixth, Click Show Properties and don’t forget to check Mask. Here’s an example
even pan/crop 2
  • Seventhclick the rectangle or square max creation tools then you just make a box on the part of the video that will be given the sensor blur effect.
  • EighthFriend, just setting by clicking the positive mask will give a blur effect outside the box area that has been created and the negative mask will give a blur effect in the previously created box area.

Conclusion :

We only do 2 main steps, namely using the gaussian blur effect from the video fx and the pan/crop event. Pretty easy isn’t it, friend? That’s a simple tutorial that I can share this time, hopefully it can be useful for you guys. Thank you

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