How to Easily Add Songs to Powerpoint Slides

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software that serves to create a presentation slide with various animation effects.

Of course, all of you must be familiar with the word powerpoint, from my experience when I first got to know powerpoint when I was in junior high school.

Yes, when I was in junior high school I was introduced to Microsoft Office software, especially Word and PowerPoint.

It turns out that the longer we know how important expertise in making a powerpoint is, it will really help us.

Of course in some subjects there are several times we will do a presentation and this powerpoint is very instrumental not to help us as a presentation tool.

In making the powerpoint, there are so many creative things that we can do, such as adding songs/music in a slide. Adding songs to our slides will benefit us because our listeners don’t get bored quickly.

Here’s how to add a song to a powerpoint slide:

1. Open the microsoft powerpoint software

2. Select inserts, then select audio like the picture above
3. If you already have a song file, just select audio from files, besides that it can record and clip art audio
4. If you have finished selecting the song, a display like the one below will appear. Put it in a place that you feel is suitable

powerpoint song display

5. Next we set the audio, click on the image toa and select playback like the picture below

powerpoint audio settings

6. Select play across slides
7. Check the loop until stopped. Will give the effect of a song that repeats itself until our slide stops
8. You can also provide audio/music/song on each slide with a note that you have to set the audio so that it is still pleasant to hear and does not collide with other audio.

That’s a simple tutorial that I can share on this occasion. Hopefully it will be useful for all of us, Thank you

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