How to see WhatsApp chats (WA) that were deleted by the sender of the message

In the whatsapp application there is a feature to delete chat messages that we have sent and this chat message deletion feature has 2 categories.

The first is to delete messages that have been read by the recipient of the message, if we intend to delete chat messages with these criteria, the option that will appear is deleted for me only.

The second is to delete messages that have not been read by the recipient of the message, if we intend to delete messages with this second criterion, the delete for me and deleted for everyone options will appear.

Deleted For Me we can mean that we will delete messages only on our smart phones while for chat messages the recipient of the message will still appear.

Deleted for everyone we mean that we will delete chat messages both on our smart phone and the recipient’s smartphone.

That’s where sometimes the recipient of a message becomes curious when he finds a message has been deleted, in this article we will discuss a few ways how we can see messages that we have received before but were deleted by the sender after a few seconds or minutes:

  • First, we enter the playstore
  • Do a search application, recent notification
  • Install the application (does not require a lot of memory space, the application size is not up to 2MB)
  • If you have finished installing, then open the application and complete several stages, the settings are not too complicated (if our phone has a notification to give permission for the application, give permission to the recent notification application) if it is at this stage it is ready to use.
  • Let the application run if any of your chat friends delete the chat, then we can see chat messages in the recent notification application

in the picture above is an example of how the recent notification application works, the application records the form of messages that appear on our cellphones every second. I did testing at 12:34. Here’s an image of a chat where the chat message has been deleted by the sender:

chat wa deleted

At 12:34 I received a message that this message was deleted, if we open the message on wa it can no longer be read but if we look in the recent notification application, a deleted message will appear.

That’s all the information that I can share this time, hopefully it can help all of you. Thank you

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