How to Easily Create Google Forms For Online Forms

The form is a data input tool, if in daily life we ​​can find forms when registering, submitting applications, etc.

Forms in our daily activities in the real world still use a lot of pieces of paper, but it’s different if we are in the virtual world we find more online forms with various forms of various designs.

If we look at the types of forms both online and offline, of course there are many types. Of course at this time we can easily create online forms, one of which is using features from Google, namely Google Forms.

The first thing to be able to use the features of the google form is that we have a google account, log in first then we visit the site

At the initial display, we are immediately treated to various types of form template displays, if we explore Google Forms, it has provided many types of form templates, here are some of the categories provided:

  • Personal Form Templates
  • Office Form Templates
  • Education Form Template

Currently only three categories are provided by Google Forms, but in each category there are many types of templates to choose from. Next we try to create a form from a personal category with the type of contact information form.

google form contact information form

The default view of the contact information form is more or less like the one above containing fields for contact description, name, email, address, phone number and comments. We can also add descriptions, questions, pictures, videos and charts.

add inquiry form

We can use the icon to the right of our form, while to adjust the position of the new question we can drag and drop using the mouse. After the form creation process is complete we can send the form using email.

send form

Write down the email belonging to the person we will send the form that we created earlier, write the subject and message so that the email we send is clear.

In addition to email, we can also use the google form link, if you want to use the link click the icon to the right of the envelope icon on the display there is a link to our form that we can share.

The link that we get is also one way to see the results of the google form that we created earlier. We can also embed google forms in html. More or less the results of the google form that we made earlier are as follows:

google form results

You can be creative, of course, if you use google forms and you don’t need to make difficult online forms anymore. That’s a review of how to easily create a google form for online forms, hopefully it’s useful. Thank you

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