How to Overcome Tri Internet Cards (3) Lagging When Playing Mobile Legends

Welcome back, friend, gapunyakode, we will review the problems that are very often experienced by gamers, especially lovers of online games, mobile legends bang – bang, namely lagging or lag.

However, this article is specifically for gamers who use 3 (tri) internet card providers.

The article that I made earlier, which is about how to overcome lagging or lag with the APN settings of several providers, friends, you can check the article on the link below

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I myself am a user of the tri internet package (3), when a few months ago the connection on this tri package was indeed very slow, even though for browsing or downloading the speed was relatively good, but when playing games, oh my goodness, I got a ping status with a large value and resulting in a delayed display even to the point of not wanting to move.

The good news is that lately I haven’t experienced any of those lagging events and I don’t even have to play late at night to get a good connection.

However, it does not rule out the possibility that during the match I experienced lagging. Here are some problems that often arise and how to overcome them.

The picture above is an example of a good signal to play, as long as I use a tri card, the most stable APN to play is 3data, but the other APNs are actually good like 3gprs but sometimes they still get disconnected at certain times.

For Tri card APN settings, friends, you can check the Read Also at the top of this article.

Problems that often arise

red signal status

For those of you who love mobile legends games, you must be familiar with the picture above, namely the unfriendly signal status while on the dashboard, don’t worry about it, friend, there are some things we need to prepare to overcome this and we can still continue playing.

Here’s how:

  • Testing some of the best performing Tri card APNs
  • Next, enter the room, whether it’s match mode ranked, classic or brawl, do testing by seeing whether our signal status is good or bad because when I use this tri card the signal on the dashboard is bad but when I enter the room the signal is very good. Like the picture below
signal status in room

Seeing the number 57ms above the avatar image is a sign that the new signal is in good condition so we can continue to play.

  • Get to know your smartphone, because every smartphone is certainly different – different conditions after some time of use. Like the smartphone that I use, it turns out that the quality for the signal is not that good, I have tested it by trying to use 2 cellphones with the same card and APN

The funny experience I’ve ever had, when in a match I experienced a signal that suddenly turned red, I definitely shook my smartphone and what I didn’t expect was the signal to return to green, so I felt a little strange because it had nothing to do hehe.

This happens very often and I always do.

That’s the information that I can share this time, hopefully it will be useful for all of you. Thank you

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