How to Easily Change Mobile Legends Avatars

Is changing mobile legends avatar important? If we have just started a new mobile legends account, the avatar we have is still the default, in more detail, the avatar that is installed is still the default game.

Changing your avatar serves to show your true identity, so don’t be shy to show your color.

In online games there is one popular term, namely HODE, hode itself means male gamers who claim to be female gamers by installing beautiful female photo avatars.

There are so many modes behind the avatar, one example is to find it easy to find victory because by posting photos of beautiful women and other gamers think the hode account is really a woman, there will be a lot of help to achieve the goals of the hode account owner.

But for now it’s very difficult to tell if an account is a hode or a real female gamer account.

If you still remember a while ago there was a gamer who was caught because he was interested in the hode account, at first they played together and got to the stage of chatting with each other but not long after that the owner of the hode account admitted that he was a man.

Wow, it hurts but it doesn’t bleed, bro, the dream of going out with a beautiful girl finally failed miserably because of a hode account hack hehe

Back to the topic this time, friend, which is about how to easily change the mobile legends avatar.

Here are the steps we have to do:

  • Enter the mobile legends game
  • Tap the profile photo/avatar on the left – top
  • Tap the avatar again and a screen like the image above will appear
  • Choose default avatar or custom avatar
  • confirmation

At this stage, my friend has two options, namely using the default avatar provided by the game or using a custom avatar. You can take photos directly, take photos from the gallery and you can also link fb/vk avatars or sync fb/vk this way if I’m not mistaken, friends will get a reward of 200 battle points.

mobile legends costume avatar

The display above will appear if you are going to use a custom avatar, you just have to choose whether you want to take a photo directly, from the gallery or from fb/vk, after uploading your avatar, confirm that it will run smoothly without errors.

My advice if you want to use a custom avatar, choose a good one that doesn’t look too flashy because I’ve experienced that some players whose avatars are not convincing will make other players reluctant to play, so we take too long to start a match

So much information that I can share, hopefully it can be useful for all of my friends. Thank you

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