5 Best Meta Mage Heroes Season 18 Mobile Legends

Currently Mobile Legends is still entering season 18, of course with meta changes, one of which is the meta hero mage. There are even some hero mages who get revamps or buffs through Project NEXT and patch updates.

Mage itself is one of the role heroes who are in charge of being the core besides marskman. Mage type heroes are known to have sick damage both in the early and late games though.

Well, on this occasion we will discuss the hero mage meta season 18 Mobile Legends. So that you can know and make the best use of this hero mage, especially when playing ranked mode. Immediately following is a full list of discussions.

1. Eudora

Eudora hero mage Mobile Legends

Since getting a revamp on Project NEXT which was released at the beginning of season 18, Eudora has gotten stronger and more terrifying. Even now Eudora is one of the meta mage heroes because her skills are very deadly for the opponent. With just one skill combination, the opponent can fall easily.

Eudora is very OP, it is proven that many Mobile Legends players nowadays often pick this one mage hero in the ranked draft pick mode. Eudora is also very useful for disabling opponents during war, because he has a reliable stun skill besides his ultimate skill that can grab opponents in the area.

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2. Pharsa

Pharsa hero mage in ML

Pharsa has indeed become a frightening specter lately, and is often picked in draft pick ranked mode. It is not surprising that Pharsa can enter as a hero mage meta season 18 this time, he himself has high-damage deadly skills.

Pharsa’s ultimate skill ability is indeed very useful and deadly, even more so when war enemies gather in one area of ​​​​the attack, it must be flat. If players can use Pharsa well and take strategic and hidden positions then the enemy can usually be defeated easily.

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3. Vale

Vale hero mage ML

Vale used to be forgotten and rarely used, but after getting a buff now he is starting to be in demand. This one hero mage is now really deadly, with wind-based skills he is able to kill opponents easily through a combination of damage and crowd control skills.

Due to Vale’s crowd control abilities, he is very useful if a war or team fight occurs. However, Vale has a weak defense so it is necessary to be protected by both tank and fighter heroes.

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4. Chang’e

Change hero mage Mobile Legends

Chang’e is a hero mage with a lethal skill set, no wonder he is now a Meta in season 18 this time. This hero mage has a relatively short cooldown skill so that he can issue his skills continuously to the opponent. In addition, he also has a fast movement speed for both escaping and chasing enemies.

Chang’e is very suitable to be a mid laner hero even though the other lanes are also suitable but are more suitable in the mid. The most lethal skill from Chang’e is his ultimate skill, he can shoot consecutive stars which of course have high damage. Because of the strength and ability of this Chang’e mage hero, he is often a bone of contention during draft picks.

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5. Esmeralda

esmeralda mage meta season 18

Esmeralda is a mage hybrid tank hero who is currently entering meta season 18. Esme has a power that cannot be underestimated, because she can make the enemy lose blood because Esme stole it and used it as a shield. Since the early game Esme may look a bit weak but in the late game she becomes deadly and thick.

It’s no wonder that recently Esmeralda has often been banned from ranked mode because she has the potential to bring victory to the opposing team. Esmeralda can also be used as a hyper carry, of course with this Esme becomes stronger and harder to beat by the opposing team.

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So that was our discussion this time about the 5 Best Meta Mage Heroes Season 18 Mobile Legends. Please, after knowing the heroes above, learn how to use and also the advantages and disadvantages when in the game so that you can maximize the use of the meta heroes above.

Hopefully this information is useful, especially for those of you Mobile Legends players who are looking for info about meta heroes in season 18. Don’t forget to stop by on this blog so you don’t miss interesting information about games and the latest technology. See you next time, stay healthy, greetings, Indonesian gamers.

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