6 Best Support Heroes 2022 Mobile Legends

Support is one of the roles in the Mobile Legends game, they are tasked with protecting and helping teammates, especially core heroes. There are several support heroes, whether pure support or other hero roles that act as support, but only some of the best support heroes in 2022 this year are worth using. Support heroes usually have magic damage because most of them are mages, but have the ability to give buffs or just protect the whole team and support them.

On this occasion, let’s discuss and list the best ml support heroes so you can choose which support heroes are good to use when playing in ranked mode. Well, if you are curious, then just read this article until the end so you can understand everything and not be curious anymore, just follow the list and discussion.

1. Mathilda

Mathilda is a support hero that is becoming a recent meta even because it is overpowered and annoying, this hero is often banned in ranked mode. This hero besides having a support role, he is also an assassin, so the damage from this hero is quite painful because he has two different or hybrid roles. Mathilda has high mobility because her skills, especially passive skills and skill 2 can increase her movement speed so she can easily chase enemies or run away from being chased.

Mathilda has the ultimate skill classified as OP because when she takes out the skill she can spin around in the air and is immune to crowd control effects and produces damage to the enemy after the skill is almost finished she will hit the opponent and give stun and damage. Various advantages ranging from high mobility, pain damage, anti-crowd control skills and others make Mathilda quite feared and reliable as a support hero.

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2. Selena

The next best support hero in 2022 is Selena, a hero with an original role, namely mage assassin. Even though she is not a pure support, Selena can be a support for her teammates because her skills are very supportive to do that. Selena can use skill 1 to open the map, secure buffs, and provide traps to protect friends if there are opponents. Selena’s 2nd skill can stun the opponent affected by the Abyssal Arrow for up to 3 seconds depending on the distance, this skill is very useful for capturing one enemy and then they can be picked up or killed together.

Selena is indeed suitable to be a support but must be able to utilize and use her skill set properly and correctly to help her teammates. Don’t just stay on the lane because the support task also helps other lanes if you have trouble, take advantage of skills 1 and 2 to trap your opponent then just finish with the ultimate skill with your teammates.

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3. Eudora


Eudora is the next best support hero, this hero is also originally a mage but can be used as support for the team. Eudora has the strength and good crowd control skills to stop the opponent’s movement with a stun effect, the skill set also has enormous damage and can even finish off the enemy with just one combination of skill attacks. This hero can counter assassin or marksman heroes by using his skills to disable the hero, because the blood of heroes like assassins or marksmans can be killed immediately with a combination of skills.

Eudora can also be a supporter of war or teamfight by issuing a combination of skills towards the enemy team so that they can be stunned. Just use Eudora in the mid lane as support, then when other lanes need help just help and when teamfight participates because of Eudora’s role as a support hero.

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4. Diggie

The next best ml support hero is Diggie, the most annoying hero because it is very annoying. Diggie is strong in the early game and can even kill enemies such as assassins with his skills, he can stack bombs to trap opponents, especially to disrupt the performance of enemy junglers. By using skill 1 he can pile bombs in the bushes to trap opponents, the damage from this skill is quite painful in the early game and very annoying.

Skill 2 Diggie can be an effective crowd control because this skill will pull the opponent back to the center so that the enemy cannot escape, this skill can be combined with skill 1 Diggie. Diggie’s ultimate skill is useful for providing shields and movement speed buffs for a while, this skill is very useful for teammates and shows Diggie’s identity as a support hero.

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5. Vale

Vale is included in the list of the best ml support heroes on this list. This hero has great damage and crowd control skills, every time he level up a multiple of two his skills can be upgraded depending on the choice, for example, want to add damage or expand the range. Vale is often picked as a support hero because he is easy to use, even though his blood is thin and easy to kill but he can trouble opponents using his skill set.

Skill 2 Vale is quite powerful because he can cause a knockup effect on opponents, this skill is very suitable for use during war or when running away to interfere with enemy movements. Vale’s ultimate skill can cause massive damage in the area or cause crowd control effects, depending on the player’s choice when upgrading the skill.

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6. Luo Yi

The last best support hero in 2022 is Luo Yi, a hero mage with sick and annoying damage. Luo Yi is often chosen to be a support hero because his skills are very deadly, especially the combination of skills 1 and 2 can stun the opponent, be attracted to the middle, and cause quite sick damage. It’s a bit difficult to use this hero but the key is to pay attention to the Yin and Yang combo in skills 1 and 2 so that the skill combination works well when it hits the target.

Luo Yi can also move around using his ultimate skill, this skill is perfect for ganking by inviting teammates to launch surprise attacks. So, if you are looking for a support hero with sick damage and able to crowd control and ganking well, then just pick Luo Yi.

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Well, that was the article about the best support hero 2022 in Mobile Legends, hopefully it can be useful and add insight for all of you, especially Mobile Legends players. If there are additions or other opinions, don’t hesitate to add them in the comments column. Until this article ends, don’t forget to visit this site again to get unique information about games.

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