6 Effective Ways to Overcome Google Play Store Cannot Download

Here’s How to Overcome Google Play Store Cannot Download

How to Overcome Play Store Can't Download

Hukum96.com – Play store can’t download usually happens because of several things, one of which is because our internet is slow. To solve this, we will do some tricks so that Google Play Store can download again.

Sometimes when you can’t download an app on the google play store you can download it via other similar apps like getapp or vstore as another option.

To overcome the google play store that cannot download applications, you can try the following tips:

First: Ensure Your Internet Connection is Smooth and not slow

This first tip is useful as a benchmark that our internet is really fast and that’s not the main problem. the article is that if your internet is slow, it can result in the downloaded application being delayed because it waits for a stable internet connection.

Second: Please try to check your Google Play Store updates, make sure it’s the latest version

In this second way, we only make sure that the Playstore is up to date, so if you download an application but the status is waiting, there is a possibility that the Google Play Store is updating, after the update is complete, the download of the application you want will run.

from mimin’s own experience, when installing a custom rom, when we want to download an application, the playstore will update first, then execute your application. besides that google play services will also be updated.

Third: Try to Clear Your Google Play Store Data and Cache

To do this trick, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click and Hold the Playstore Application icon
  2. select the exclamation mark that appears
  3. select clear data
  4. please select clear all data
  5. and don’t forget to force close
  6. then re-open the play store and try to download the application again
  7. wait a few seconds until the download runs

Fourth: Turning Off Auto Update Applications

This fourth method is related to the auto update of the application, if you are a wifi user, the Play Store will update the applications installed on your Android. Now imagine for sure, yes Playstore will update the application first, then after it’s finished just download the application that was ordered.

this is one of the reasons why the playstore can’t download and why the playstore can delay your download. you just need patience, because the original is not playstore can’t download, but because playstore is processing other tasks.

so that your download will go into the umpteenth queue from an existing task. maybe for children who have studied in the computer field will understand the term First Come First Serve. where this algorithm will serve according to the first order that comes.

Fifth: Don’t Use VPN and the Like

using a vpn can slow down your internet connection, it is highly recommended not to use a vpn. because the effect can cause the download to be delayed.

Sixth: Make Sure You Have Sufficient Internal Memory

If the internal memory is full, Google Playstore will not download the application. so make sure your memory is free enough, empty or delete some unused apps to add enough space.

With the above trick, we have tried a way to be able to download on the play store again normally. Hopefully after following the tips above you can again download the game application or application you want via your playstore.

Note: Oh yes, for the way so that the download on the play store is not delayed, you must cancel all the applications that you are downloading, and prioritize the one application that you want to download first. Usually delayed downloads appear because there is a download queue, this happens because the Playstore is downloading updates or downloading other applications.

Those are the tips and tricks that I can share based on my experience. please be patient so friends download smoothly. patient people have great fortune. Thanks.

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