8 Fate Doctor Facts, Can't Be Completely Dead!!

DCEU’s latest film entitled Black Adam just introduced the greatest wizard in the universe named Kent Nelson aka Doctor Fate. As part of the Justice Society, as has been revealed in the trailer, Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan) looks very powerful. That’s why this time we will discuss various facts about Doctor Fate that fans may rarely know. Because it turns out that the character who debuted in More Fun Comics #55 (1940) actually has some secrets that haven’t been revealed in the film Black Adam. Here are eight of the most interesting facts about Doctor Fate in the DC Universe that you need to know, geeks!

Nabu the Wise’s Container

8 Fate Doctor Facts, Can't Completely Die!!, Greenscene

As mentioned above, Doctor Fate is a DC wizard who debuted in 1940. The first character to become Doctor Fate is Kent Nelson, an archaeologist who accidentally finds the Helmet of Nabu. From this helmet emerged a cosmic entity named Nabu the Wise who later appointed him as part of the Lord of Orders. After waiting for millions of years, Nabu considers Kent to be the most ideal ‘vessel’ to achieve his goals. Namely eradicating the Lord of Chaos, a group of evil magical creatures, who often wreak havoc in the universe.

Many Incarnations of Doctor Fate

8 Fate Doctor Facts, Can't Completely Die!!, Greenscene

The next Doctor Fate fact, Apart from Kent Nelson, there are actually many other characters who have served as the container for Nabu the Wise. Including his wife Inza who eventually joined Kent as the female version of Doctor Fate. Then there is also Eric Strauss and his adoptive mother Linda who become one as the second Doctor Fate. In the story The Book of Fate There was also a third Doctor Fate who appeared eccentric as a demon hunter. In the 21st century, Hawkman’s son, Hector Hall, even became Doctor Fate in the story Justice Society of America. Now, the character who holds the identity of Doctor Fate in the DC Universe is Kent Nelson’s great-grandson Khalid Nassour.

Founder of Justice Society

8 Fate Doctor Facts, Can't Completely Die!!, Greenscene

As one of the veteran superheroes in the DC Universe, Kent Nelson’s version of Doctor Fate is also listed as the founder of the Justice Society superhero team in 1940. Along with other founding superheroes, such as Atom, Flash Jay Garrick, Green Lantern Alan Scott, Hawkman, Hourman, Sandman, and Specter, he managed to protect Earth from all his threats. What’s even more interesting is that Justice Society itself is a source of inspiration for the Justice League which debuted 20 years later. If there was no Doctor Fate maybe the superhero team in the DC Universe wouldn’t be as lively as it is now.

In touch with Specter

8 Fate Doctor Facts, Can't Completely Die!!, Greenscene

Specters are one of the most powerful cosmic entities in the DC Universe. As the personification of Spirit of Vengeance, he can defeat his opponent with great ease. Interestingly, it turns out that Specter and Doctor Fate are interconnected with each other as a balancer of the universe. They are often seen together as friends and even foes. Even so, out of all their fights, Doctor Fate has lost more often. Like in the story Day of Vengeancewhere Specter managed to defeat and confine Doctor Fate and other Lords of Order in a pocket dimension.

After Death, Exist in the House of Souls

8 Fate Doctor Facts, Can't Completely Die!!, Greenscene

Another Doctor Strange fact is that he doesn’t have immortality. He could have died, like when Anti-Fate killed Doctor Fate Kent Nelson for the first time in the comics Doctor Fate #4 (1987). The same is true of the other incarnations of Doctor Fate. Interestingly, when a Doctor Fate dies, it turns out that they are not completely dead. That’s because their consciousness still exists in the Amulet of Anubis. Where not infrequently the previous Doctor Fate will guide the new Doctor Fate, as Nabu did for the first time with Kent Nelson.

Early Debut of Doctor Strange

8 Fate Doctor Facts, Can't Completely Die!!, Greenscene

Lots of American comics fans compare Doctor Fate to Doctor Strange from Marvel Comics. Moreover, they are both the strongest magicians in their respective universes, and have the initial name of the superhero ‘Doctor’. But based on the facts, Doctor Fate actually debuted earlier than Doctor Strange. He first appeared in 1940 then his story lasted for four years in More Fun Comics DC. Meanwhile, Marvel just introduced Doctor Strange 23 years later in the comics Strange Tales #110 (1963).

Doctor StrangeFate at Marvel

8 Fate Doctor Facts, Can't Completely Die!!, GreensceneFrom the name and appearance alone, it is quite clear that Doctor StrangeFate is an amalgam of Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange at Marvel. Even more interesting, the figure behind the Doctor StrangeFate costume is actually Charles Xavier aka Professor X, the leader and founder of the X-Men in the Marvel Universe. That means Doctor StrangeFate debuted in comics Marvel Versus DC #3 (1996) is actually an amalgam of three characters at once. In terms of strength, basically Doctor StrangeFate has supernatural powers similar to Doctor Fate and Doctor Strange.

Headquartered in the Tower of Fate

8 Fate Doctor Facts, Can't Completely Die!!, Greenscene

In addition to having a myriad of sorcery and wearing the three most powerful artifacts in the universe, Doctor Fate also has a mystical base called the Tower of Fate. Since this base has no conventional entrance, only Doctor Fate can access it. Even more interesting, apart from being seen standing in Salem City, Tower of Fate can also be seen in the Nexus Realm. That means, Doctor Fate’s headquarters exist in two worlds. That is why those who have entered it often look older than they should be.

Those are eight facts about Doctor Fate that maybe not many know about. With his career in the DC Universe spanning 82 years, it actually makes sense that Doctor Fate has as many secrets as these eight facts. With his appearance in the movie Black Adams, maybe DC is deliberately keeping various secrets for the next Doctor Fate appearance. For those who haven’t seen Doctor Fate’s latest action, the good news is, the movie Black Adam You can see it yourself in all Indonesian cinemas. So, don’t miss it, geeks.

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