The Different Strengths of Superman and Black Adam!

The figure of Superman has become a hot and interesting discussion, especially among film fans and DC fans. The reason is, the main star of the Black Adam film, Dwayne Johnson, provides clues about the future story of his character. According to Dwayne, there is a possibility that Black Adam will fight against the great power of DC, namely Superman.

The appearance of Superman in the DC Extended Universe is one of the things that many fans praise from the cinematic universe. And many fans hope that Superman will fight against the figure of Black Adam, even long before the film is officially released. They hope that what happened in the comic story can also appear in the big screen version.

However, of course even though most of the geeks know who Superman is, but there are probably many who still don’t know who Black Adam is. Broadly speaking, Superman and Black Adam are the two great powers in the DC Universe. Even so, the two of them still have differences especially in terms of strength. Then, what are the differences?

Source of strength

Teth-Adam was originally a slave in ancient Egypt who had to lose his family due to the cruelty of the Khandaq leader. Teth-Adam aka Black Adam gets his power from the magicians who then form the letters SHAZAM. They are Shu, Horus, Amun, Zehuti, Aten, and Mehen. What should be noted is that these witches are different from the wizards who gave Billy Batson power.

Thanks to the power of these magicians, Black Adam had incredible speed, high endurance, high intelligence, and all of his senses were enhanced. This is what makes Black Adam a terrible character. In fact, with his power, Black Adam became the eternal enemy of Shazam.

The Different Strengths of Superman and Black Adam!, Greenscene

How about Superman? Unlike Black Adam, Superman has a source of power that comes from the physiological conditions of the inhabitants of the planet Krypton. As we know, Kal-El was the last resident of the planet Krypton who was then sent to Earth by his parents. Coming from another planet, making Kal-El also have a formidable physical condition beyond humans.

Although Superman has the physiological condition of the inhabitants of the planet Krypton, he also has another source of power, namely the sun. The sun has long been the source of Superman’s power. By absorbing energy and sunlight, Superman’s strength will increase drastically. Even so, that doesn’t mean Superman will be weak when there is no sun. However, when there is a sun and he is able to absorb its energy then his strength will increase or increase.

Various Advantages Owned

As already explained, that in general Superman and Black Adam have almost similar super abilities. However, they have different sources of power. Although most of their strengths are the same, each of these characters has an advantage that the other characters don’t have. For example, for Superman has an advantage in terms of the power of his vision.

As geeks already know, Superman has “typical” abilities that Black Adam doesn’t have. For example, X-Ray Vision where he is able to see anything behind something. As long as the object is not coated with Kryptonite, then Superman is still able to see it. Then Heat Vision, which is also one of Superman’s “typical” abilities.

Heat Vision itself is an ability where Superman will issue a red laser beam from his eyes. The laser beam is capable of cutting and even destroying almost everything. We can see this in various existing mediums, ranging from comics, games, and even films. Meanwhile, Black Adam has the advantage in terms of magic power.

The Different Strengths of Superman and Black Adam!, Greenscene

Black Adam’s magic power level is quite extraordinary, which makes him a rival to Shazam. In fact, in some comics stories, Black Adam’s magical abilities can defeat the strength of other characters. What is also an advantage of Black Adam over Superman is his magical ability that he is able to share.

Like Shazam, Black Adam is also able to share his power with whoever he wants. In one of the stories, Black Adam once shared his power with his family as well as Amon. If the Batson family later became known as the “Marvel Family,” then the Black Adam family had the title “Black Marvel Family.”


Talking about the super strength of a character is certainly not complete without a discussion of its weaknesses. Do Black Adam and Superman have a weakness? The answer is yes, they have drawbacks. So, what are their weaknesses? The first, perhaps already very popular, where Superman is weak to a green rock called Kryptonite.

Almost in various mediums it is shown how Superman looks weak if there is a green stone around him. However, the truth is, Superman’s weakness isn’t just Kryptonite. Many may not know that Superman also has a weakness in terms of magic. Even though his powers aren’t as drastically weakened as Kryptonite, Superman can barely do anything when magical powers attack his body.

The Different Strengths of Superman and Black Adam!, Greenscene

This is what Black Adam often uses in the fight against Superman in his comic story. Then, for Black Adam himself he also has a weakness in terms of magic power. Although magic power is his strength, but when there is magic power of a much more powerful level then it is not impossible if Black Adam loses. And this is the key to Shazam defeating Black Adam in the comics.

Also, just like Billy Batson, Black Adam’s biggest weakness is when he has to cast his main spell which is ‘Shazam!’ which turned him into Black Adam. When then Teth was successfully forced to say the word and turned back into a human, he was a nobody. And when his mouth is unable to speak, then he will not be able to cast the spell. Let’s just wait, geeks, the epic battle of these two powerful characters from DC in the future.

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