Here are 5 Interesting Facts about the Battle of Guardians Game Present at the 2022 Esports President Cup

In the 2022 Esports President’s Cup event, Battle of Guardians is one of the genre games player versus player (PVP) contested. BOG comes from the battle theme real-time multiplayer developed with Unity technology. So, players are required to be skilled in giving birth combos what we can be certain of is.

Besides Battle of Satria Dewa and Lokapala, BOG is the last game to enter a major tournament in Indonesia at this time. If you pay attention, there are some interesting facts about the game Battle of Guardians present at the 2022 Esports President’s Cup.

Considering that this game has been competed in the 2022 Esports President’s Cup, this time KINCIR will summarize five interesting facts from the game. Battle of Guardians.

Interesting facts Battle of Guardiansa local game entered into the 2022 Esports President’s Cup.

1. Has many diverse characters

Battle of Guardians characters.

Battle of Guardians characters. Via


This local game made by Good Games Guild, has a large selection of characters in it. There are three types of choices such as Guardian, Human and Demon. Of the three, there are various characters that if totaled can reach tens.

With so many characters, of course, players can feel the pleasure of many kinds of choices with different abilities. So it’s just a matter of trying variations combo list and special skills of each character available on Battle of Guardians.

2. Indonesian original game

Original Indonesian Game.

Original Indonesian Game. Via


Besides Battle of Satria Dewa and Lokapala, Battle of Guardians so the next game is originally made in Indonesia. Game that brings system player versus player (PVP) was worked on directly by the Good Games Guild from its first incubation project.

BOG was born from the hands of experienced young Indonesians. Battle of Guardians created by a team under the auspices of Miracle Gates Entertainment located in Denpasar, Bali. Their goal in presenting this game is of course to advance the game industry in Indonesia so that it will grow even more for sure.

3. Behind this game, there is an interesting background story

It has an interesting background story.

It has an interesting background story. Via


In making a game, it must have its own plot that has different goals. But for Battle of Guardians, of course has its own background for sure. BOG creates a series of stories that are quite simple and interesting.

background of Battle of Guardians taken from three types of characters that are very closely related to the game. Guardians and Humans have a duty to protect the earth from the arrival of the Demons. Their presence is certainly to attack and destroy the people on earth. The escape of these people, resulted from the negligence of the Humans because they accidentally opened the hell portal.

4. Battle of Guardians be one of the local games participating in the big tournament

Local games participating in major Indonesian tournaments

Local games participating in the big Indonesia Via tournament


Battle of Guardians become the third local game to participate in the 2022 Esports President Cup major tournament. Besides Lokapala and Battle of Satria DewaBOG was the last choice to enter the event.

Existence Battle of Guardians in the 2022 Esports President’s Cup, of course getting a positive response. The aim of this game is to introduce the game and expand the esports industry in Indonesia. From the tournament, there were also quite a number of players who registered their names at the event. It could be evidence that local games can no longer be underestimated.

5. Local game based Play to Earn NFT

NFT local games

NFT local games Via


The last interesting fact is Battle of Guardians is a local game fighting which is based on Play to Earn NFT. Indirectly, this game has its own currency such as $BGS and $FP to buy characters as NFT.

Interestingly, there will be an inflow and outflow of funds for various purposes and needs of the players. Each complete various mode in the game, it will get rewards in the form of $FP or $BGS. With the Play to Earn NFT basis on Battle of Guardiansof course, this game will be even more interesting to play.

Those are 5 interesting game facts Battle of Guardians who was present at the 2022 Esports President Cup. Keep visiting KINCIR so you don’t miss the latest news about the 2022 Esports President Cup, okay!

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