This is the cost that RRQ Valorant and the Franchise Team must spend to play in South Korea

This is the cost that must be spent by RRQ Valorant and the Franchise Team to play in South Korea.

Valorant Esports will start a new era in 2023. 3 international leagues will start in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. 30 selected teams will play offline at their respective selected locations.

The 10 teams will play in Los Angeles in the American league, in Berlin for the EMEA (Europe) league and South Korea for the Asia Pacific league.

With this new league, the 10 selected teams must immediately make preparations for the Gaming House (GH) or bootcamp in the designated city and country.

For Asia Pacific, Global Esports from India has confirmed that they will have started preparing their bootcamp in South Korea.

Rushindra Sinha, founder and CEO of Global Esports, revealed what it costs and also what it takes for a team to move locations to play in a city.

GH Setup Fee In South Korea For VCT 2023

In a stream from Rushindra Sinha, he revealed all the facilities and amenities that the South Korean organization Bootcamp will have, for its players and staff.

Furthermore, he also revealed an estimate of the amount the organization will need to set up Bootcamp and all the facilities needed for players in South Korea.

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Sinha said,I’ll tell you how much it costs to set up a bootcamp in Korea. This includes food, accommodation, internet, utilities, electricity, PCs, rental of premises, deposits, accessories and staff. The staff will help us run the whole place or some places because we will need to stream, scrim and sleep and stay.”

He further revealed that it would cost a minimum of approx USD$500,000 or around IDR 7.6 Billion for organizations to set up their Bootcamps in South Korea. After this, he said that usually the cost to set up a Bootcamp and its facilities was that big.

“All that included, we’re looking at a set-up cost of maybe half a million dollars,” said Sinha. After this, he added, “That’s what we would pay to be in Korea with Bootcamp and everything was set up, and it was a minimum fee.”

Looking at the costs that Global Esports will likely incur, it looks like it will be more or less the same as Indonesian teams like RRQ Valorant. They also have to build the same facilities for the players.

Why maybe the cost can be very large because one of the important factors is that the players must feel comfortable and happy. Moreover, the young players of this franchise have to move from their respective countries and play in foreign countries such as South Korea.

RRQ itself has 5 Filipino players and 2 Indonesian players, and they all had to move from their homes in the Philippines and Indonesia and play in Korea, away from friends and family.

Rushindra mentioned that the organization made a lot of investment to get a realistic chance of winning the Valorant Champions.

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“It’s not something you want to save money on, because we want our players to feel comfortable, we want the whole team that is there to have everything they need to provide proper representation to our region and have a fighting chance. win the league.” said Sinha.

He added, β€œThat’s the reason behind everything we do; our whole goal is to build a list that has a chance of winning in the Champions League.”

In addition to 2 Valorant Indonesia players at RRQ, Tehbotol and Fl1pzjder, there is a third player who will play in the Valorant franchise. Global Esports has just announced, former ONIC G player Monkey will be playing for them.

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