Blackbeard's New Technique Fact, Greash!

The battle of Trafalgar Law and Blackbeard is presented in the latest chapter of the One Piece manga series. This was an unexpected battle, because fans assumed that Blackbeard would be after Luffy. As we know in chapter 1056 yesterday, the three Worst Generation captains finally separated from Wano. They took different routes to continue the adventure towards Laugh Tale.

In the previous chapter, we saw how Luffy and the Straw Hats arrived at an extraordinary island that is Egghead. Only in chapter 1063 yesterday did we get other information from another Worst Generation captain, namely Trafalgar Law. In the chapter, it appears that Law and his group must get a surprise attack from Blackbeard’s group.

The fight was resumed in chapter 1064. Unlike other epic battles, Oda Sensei seems to present the battle of the two in full and not offscreen. From the leaked information, the fight between the two was truly extraordinary. In fact, Blackbeard was surprised by Law’s new power. And this is also what makes Blackbeard use his new technique.

Blackbeard’s New Technique

In the midst of his fight against Law, Blackbeard finally showed his newest ability called ‘Greash.’ From what appeared in the chapter, it is known that the Greash technique is one of the techniques that comes from the power of the Gura Gura no Mi devil fruit. Blackbeard himself appears to have used this power after he received an Amputate attack from Law.

One Piece: Blackbeard's New Technique Facts, Greash!, Greenscene

In the moment it is seen how Blackbeard underestimates Law’s figure, where he says that Law can’t run away from him. Law then ordered his crew to dive. On the other hand, he then attacked Blackbeard with the Kroom technique and then he applied the Amputate technique. Realizing this, Blackbeard then tried to block his attack with the Greash technique.

How Powerful is the Greash Technique?

Then, how strong is the Greash technique? How powerful is it? From what is shown in the chapter it appears that Blackbeard is using the power of the Gura Gura no Mi as usual. However, he as well as the people inside were protected from outside attacks thanks to the vibration shield that appeared. This can be seen from the large spheres and also the cracks that appear in the air.

One Piece: Blackbeard's New Technique Facts, Greash!, Greenscene

In addition to presenting a shield or shield that makes Blackbeard and the people in it safe, there are other effects that appear as well. When the shield or shield approaches land or a surface, it appears that a shock wave also appears. This is based on the reaction shown by the crew of the Heart Pirates when the shield approaches them.

In fact, from what is shown in the panel, the vibrations that appear also have an effect on the splitting or breaking of the surface. This means that the shield is really strong. Besides being able to protect people, the Greash technique is also proven to be able to destroy the enemy or its surroundings with the vibrations that appear.

Part Of Awakening?

With the awesomeness of this Greash technique, can Greash be a clue that the Yonko has awakened the Gura Gura devil fruit? Is this part of his devil fruit awakening? Seeing how powerful the technique is, it makes sense for Greash to be part of the Gura Gura no Mi awakening. However, it’s likely not part of his devil fruit awakening.

One Piece: Blackbeard's New Technique Facts, Greash!, Greenscene

Blackbeard already has two devil fruit powers, which no one else can have. In fact, he plans to have a third devil fruit by stealing Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi. If then he manages to awaken his devil fruit powers, either one or both of the devil fruits he has, it seems that it will make Blackbeard overpowered.

Based on that, it is possible that the Greash technique is not part of the Gura Gura no Mi awakening. However, it is more of a hint that he has gotten used to and mastered his devil fruit. Thus, Blackbeard was able to develop various new techniques that maybe even Whitebeard himself could not do.

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