8 Latest PUBG Mobile Secret Loot Locations

Loot is very important in PUBG Mobile, in order to get good supplies when fighting. There are lots of loot locations in every PUBG Mobile map, from large buildings to even small houses or huts. Did you know that there are several secret PUBG Mobile loot places?, yes, of course there are and usually keep good loot.

Well, on this occasion I will discuss and provide a list of PUBG Mobile secret loot locations. Curious right? so this time I will discuss so that you can know and directly prove the secret place. Immediately following the discussion along with the list.

1. Miramar Mining Cave

pubg secret loot location

The first secret place on this list is a mining cave on the Miramar map. The location is south of Los Leones, between the cliffs you will find a large cave. Miramar secret cave is quite hidden, but actually easy to find if you memorize the location. The loot here is pretty good, there are helmets, armor, backpacks, weapons if you’re lucky you can get snipers like Kar98k or M24, medical equipment and boosters, weapon accessories.

The Miramar mine cave is one of the secret places that must be visited, because it offers good and quality loot. This place can be an alternative if, for example, Los Leones is too crowded.

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2. Vikendi Secret Cave

vikendi secret cave

The next PUBG Mobile secret place is the Vikendi secret cave. The site is located near Podvosto, approximately 100-200 meters north of the site. Inside this secret cave there are various kinds of good quality luxury loot. However, to enter this place you have to use a trick that is to hit or destroy the rocks first before you can enter. You’ll find more luxurious loot than any other place in Vikendi, armor, helmets, level 3 all-in-one backpacks, rare weapons, medical equipment, boosters, and much more.

This secret place is safe because to enter must know the trick first. The quality of the loot also feels like Airdrop, so it’s not in vain if you decide to loot here.

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3. Erangel’s Secret Bunker

Erangel bunker

Furthermore, PUBG Mobile’s secret loot locations are several secret bunkers in Erangel. These dungeon bunkers are spread over the Erangel map, there are 5 locations in total. The first location is west of Stalber Hill you will find a green house, The second location is west of the ruins near Georgopol Mountain, The third location is in Kameshki, just look for the tallest building. The fourth location is west of the Quarry, the last bunker. The location next to the Sosnovka bridge is green housing.

This PUBG Mobile secret location only saves a little loot but if you are lucky you can get rare loot. To enter the secret bunker you have to go through a wooden door, and even then it must be destroyed with a weapon. Btw, this secret bunker just appeared in the Erangel 2.0 map, so it didn’t exist before.

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4. Mylta Erangel Pabrik Factory

mylta factory

The next PUBG Mobile secret loot place is the Mylta Factory. Located not far from Mylta Power, actually this place is in the same area as Mylta Power but the distance is a bit far. This large factory-shaped building holds decent loot, even level 3 items or rare weapons are often found here. Just imagine complete quality loot in one building from weapons, medical equipment, weapon attachments, boosters, to bag items, helmets, armor.

This location is rarely visited by players because the buildings are not so big and attractive. However, actually saving loot is great as long as you want to jump in here. If you want to jump into Mylta Power, for example, it’s better to come here as an alternative loot place.

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5. Radio Novorepnoye Erangel

radio novorepnoye

PUBG Mobile’s next secret location is Radio Novorepnoye, an abandoned radio station building on a hill. Located not far from Novorepnoye and Sosnovka Military Base precisely on top of a hill. To reach this place, you should land from the top to get to the roof, but you can also go through the available roads if you are from the bottom of the hill. This place is small but there are often rare loots, I’ve also gotten weapons like the M24 in this place and there are even items like bags, armor, to level 3 helmets if you’re lucky.

It’s better to land on the roof because it saves good loot too, the road to the roof is dead-end so the only way is when you jump using a parachute. Radio Novorepnoye is located high up, so it can be used for sniping or watching enemies from the top of the hill.

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6. Spy Station Miramar

spy station

The next PUBG Mobile secret loot place is Spy Station on the Miramar map. Spy Station is a secret place on the Miramar map, located far near the end of the map, precisely north of La Cobreria. Regarding the quality of loot, this place stores good and quality loot, even though it’s far away, but you won’t be disappointed. The remote location makes players reluctant to come here, moreover, they often don’t enter the zone.

For those of you who are looking for a quiet place but quality loot, try jumping into Spy Station. No other players will interfere because they rarely go to that place.

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7. Waterfall Livik

pubg waterfalls

The next PUBG Mobile secret loot location is Waterfall, a waterfall on the Livik map. Actually, the map itself already has the name of the location, but maybe you don’t know that behind the waterfall there is good quality loot. If you go behind the waterfall there will be 2 chests containing luxury loot, usually armor, helmet, backpack level 3 then Medkit, boosters, and sometimes XT weapons. In addition to the two chests, there are also some loot scattered behind the waterfall.

This place is rarely visited by players, because they might not be interested and choose another place. Even though if you want to jump into Waterfall, you will get luxurious loot in the early game. So, this secret location is worth visiting if you want good loot at the beginning of the game.

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8. Mongnai Sanhok


The last PUBG Mobile secret place is Mongnai, a coconut plantation on the Sanhok map. At first glance, it’s just an ordinary coconut plantation, but it turns out that there is a lot of loot in this place. The location is at the end of the Sanhok map, in the right corner, there will be an inscription Mongnai. Loot in Mongnai is spread among coconut trees, the quality is pretty good for early game supplies. Weapons, medical equipment, bags, armor, helmets are at least in this place.

For those of you who don’t like crowds and prefer a quiet and comfortable place, just jump into Mongnai. This place is open so stay alert for enemies too because there might be players who are targeting this place.

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Yes, it looks like that’s all the list and discussion regarding PUBG Mobile’s secret loot location. Hopefully it can be useful and add insight, if you have proof, please prove it yourself by visiting the secret location. Share your experiences here, if you’ve ever been to the secret place above through the comments column.

It’s enough for this article, please share it with your PUBG Mobile friends and prove for yourself the quality of the secret place. Don’t forget to stop by on this blog so you don’t miss any unique game information, see you soon.

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