Before Regret!! Here are Tips for Buying a Used Cellphone That You Should Know

Tips for Buying a Used or Second Mobile – Many of us like to buy used cellphones because they are cheap and affordable. but there are also those who feel cheated and finally regret after buying the cellphone.

this time I will share a little of my experience about the ups and downs of buying a used cellphone. I share my experience so that my friends think again before buying a second cellphone who are tempted because the price is cheap.

Before Regret!!  These are the tips for buying a used cellphone that you should consider before the deal
Micloud on xiaomi

Of course, my experience is bitter and sweet too, bitter when you get items that are not in accordance with the agreement before cod and sweet when you get items that exceed expectations. Immediately, here are my tips before you buy a used cellphone so that you don’t regret or feel cheated:

First: Looking for Info

It is very important to find information about the cellphones sold by the seller. First read the specifications, also read the type of cellphone such as the chipset used then compare it with our needs, why do you want to buy it. you first search on the internet what are the advantages and disadvantages of the cellphone. watch out for buying the wrong snapdragon chipset instead you get Mediatek.

Second: Read Seller’s Description

See and read the description of the poster of the used cellphone, if you feel you want something to be asked and not listed in the description, immediately ask to answer our curiosity. For example, price, what problems are there with the cellphone, how long it has been used, what service has it not had and see the location of the seller. try if you buy a used cellphone that can cod around our area, don’t buy it online. it’s safer to buy cod and we can physically check the cellphone.

Third: Check the outside of the cellphone

If the cellphone can be disassembled, you try to see the inside. because of my experience I’ve bought a xiaomi bootloop cellphone and the contents of the battery have been replaced and the camera part is also removed from the part that is integrated with the pcb of the cellphone. and this is detrimental to me because it is not in accordance with the agreement when buying. I know that at that time the cellphone was really smooth and there were no scratches, so I just bought it and ended up really regretting it.

If you have checked the inside of the cellphone, or after you open the back cover if it is damaged or bootloop because of former service, I recommend not buying it.

In the next step, if the cellphone feels that the hardware is safe, then try to check the software section. test the camera section, check the cellphone network, test also the cellphone sound section, after that make sure the rom or firmware used is not the result of a bypass or a modifan result (especially for beginners who don’t know how to hack cellphones).

Fourth: Make sure the cellphone is told to reset to the factory or factory reset

The goal is that the cellphone settings are back like new. make sure all accounts have been reset or logged out. for example, the Google account is removed from the device, the Micloud account is also removed. if the google account is stuck and the micloud account is stuck it will be difficult again later and you need the baypass file and it can cost extra for those of you who don’t know how, because usually it will definitely be taken to a repairman.

So before buying, ask for the micloud password and email (or tell them to log out of the account). Just remove the gmail account so it doesn’t get stuck or get FRP.

Fifth: Invite your friends who know about cellphones

if you feel confused and doubtful and happen to not understand how to check what to check, then I suggest taking your friends who understand that. Accuracy is important bro so we don’t get tricked and end up regretting it.

When you buy a cellphone that is stuck, bootloop, or forgets the pattern, always ask for a micloud account, as well as the google account. find out what causes the cellphone to freeze, bootloop or forget the pattern by asking the seller. because I’m afraid that getting Micloud and FRP can be a mess and if it’s a stolen cellphone, it’s dangerous and a sin too. so ask what we think we want to ask.

Oh yeah, don’t buy a cellphone with a bypassed ROM, because I’m afraid that when there’s an update and it’s accidentally updated, it’ll be hit by Micloud again so you’ll need an additional fee to fix it. you can also if you know how to oprek.

If you buy an iPhone, you must ask iCloud, if Xiaomi asks for Micloud, if it’s Oppo or Vivo I don’t understand because I’m not an Oppo and Vivo user. If friends feel that there is something that needs to be added to this article, please comment below.

Make a deal first, check the goods and if it’s appropriate, just deal and try to keep the COD one, don’t buy it online

Don’t forget to read and check the seller’s review section, I’m afraid the cod is far away, the palkor knows, or is a scammer. stay alert and be careful with reapers too, if you want to use the services of a pulber or rekber, it’s better to put it in a lapak or tokopedia.

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