How to solve the problem of Root Detected in Certain Android Applications

Fix Root device detected – Have you ever opened an android application and the application can’t be opened because of root detection. this happens because our cellphones are already rooted to get certain access freely.

there are some applications that do not allow the application to be opened if the android phone is rooted. such as banking applications such as BNI Mobile Banking. make sure you root using magisk instead of directly installing with flash super su or using king root.

If you want to use the application then you must unroot your android device if you root using kingroot or directly flash super sunya. but if you want to remain rooted and want to use an application that detects root then you can install magisk manager to root safely.

This time we will not give you how to root our android, but rather overcome applications that detect root on our device. just follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you root your android phone with magisk, I’ll give an example of the BNI Banking application that is already installed on our device
    How to solve the problem of Root Detected in Certain Android Applications
    When it has not been fixed, the BNI Mobile Banking application still detects our cellphone as a root device
  2. Open your magisk manager and select magisk hide, after that look for the application you want to use that cannot be opened because a root device is detected
    How to solve the problem of Root Detected in Certain Android Applications
    Look for the application and please check it
  3. If you have, please reopen the application
    Successfully unlocked after hiding with magisk hide

actually rooting your device can void our cellphone warranty, but because of a need, we are sometimes desperate to root our android to get the desired customization.

If friends are still confused by the tutorial on how to solve this detected root problem, you can watch the video tutorial below:

there are some things that friends should know if you root your cellphone, what is clear is that your cellphone will be easy to operate, its security will also decrease and be careful if you want to use banking applications on a rooted cellphone, because we don’t know the dangers what will happen if you are on a wifi network (be careful of sniffing).

Remember if you don’t really need to be rooted, it’s better not to root, if you don’t understand or take a wrong step, you can bootloop, can softbrick and so on. I just remind my friends to be more careful in using the root.

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