5 Powerful Tips to Overcome the Latest Mobile Submerged Mobile Problems

Did your cell phone fall in the bathtub or fall in a puddle? Don’t panic, this is what you must do if you face this problem.

5 Powerful Tips to Overcome the Latest Mobile Submerged Mobile Problems
Testing a smartphone that is submerged in water

The problem of cellphones accidentally falling into the water and being submerged or getting water in them can result in the cellphone being completely dead. Usually this happens because the components in the cellphone are shorted.

It is indeed difficult to save our cellphones that have already fallen into the water, but you don’t need to panic and try to follow the tips that I will give below:

Immediately take your cellphone and turn off your cellphone

If your smartphone gets water in it and it’s still on, turn it off immediately to turn off the electricity that’s still running on your phone. This is done to avoid shorting between components in our Smartphone. Wait for it to dry before turning it back on

Remove the SIM card, memory and battery and open the back cover or cellphone case

If your cellphone battery can be removed, or not a planted battery, then it’s better to just remove it to remove electricity from the battery to the components on the cellphone pcb. other than that, just in case, please remove the memory and sim card as well.

Opening the Case and Back Cover of the cellphone can help provide more air passage, this allows the cellphone to dry faster.

Immediately dry with a dry cloth or tissue

Use a cloth or tissue that absorbs a lot of water, stick it on the wet part and don’t rub it to avoid accidental damage to the component parts of the cellphone. I’m afraid you’ll rub something even if it breaks, remember to be slow and careful in this section.

Use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner or put it in rice

We recommend using a Vacuum Cleaner to help absorb water in areas that are difficult to touch with a cloth or tissue. if you don’t have a Vacuum Cleaner then you can put the cellphone in dry rice and let it be stored there. but if you store it in rice it will take quite a long time, it can be hours and even days.

Last Take To The Specialist

the point is to take it to a cellphone service repairman. This is done if all our efforts have not found a solution. the cellphone is still cranky and doesn’t want to wake up again. but for the cost I can not be sure, because the cost depends on which part is damaged. can be lcd or ic and others.

If your smartphone manages to turn on without being taken to the repairman but gives a different performance than before or when used is not normal as usual, it’s most likely that there are several components that have shorted or it could be that the component is damaged. for example, the lcd becomes weird, likes to hang or even bootloop.

If the error continues, immediately contact a doctor or service worker in your area!!

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