How to Buy Electricity Tokens Using the BNI Mobile Banking Application on Android

How to Buy Safe Electric Token – You ran out of electricity tokens? confused where to buy? Lazy to take money at an ATM or lazy to go out to buy the token? Take it easy, guys, you can buy electricity tokens easily using the BNI mobile banking application at your home or at your respective boarding house.

Actually, today’s digital technology has given birth to many new businesses, for example with olshops such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak and many other olshops, they provide services for buying electricity pulses and regular credit, there are also those who sell internet quotas like pulse seller counters. so you can easily buy credit at the olshop.

This time we will not buy electricity tokens at olshops, but buy them directly on the BNI Mobile Banking application. With the BNI Mobile banking application, it can help me simplify the transfer process, check balances and even buy regular credit and buy electricity tokens can be done easily in this application.

just try to follow the tutorial that I have provided below:

  1. I assume you have activated your BNI banking account
  2. Please download the BNI Mobile Banking application on your playstore, don’t forget to login, okay?
  3. If you are already logged in, please click Purchase
    How to Buy Electricity Tokens Using the BNI Mobile Banking Application on Android
  4. then select the Electric Token
  5. Enter the required data according to the existing form
    Don’t Forget to Click Next
  6. then enter your transaction password, don’t forget to also check your meter number so it’s not wrong
    That is an example of the meter number that I use, select the nominal purchase, for example I buy the 20000 one and click continue
  7. after that there will be a notification of the successful purchase of the electricity token
    How to Buy Electricity Tokens Using the BNI Mobile Banking Application on Android
    Scroll down and look for the Stroom/Token, enter the token number into your electricity meter
  8. until here it is finished, the rest you just enter your electricity token number.

If you are confused, you can watch the video version that I have made below:

So with the help of this BNI banking application on Android, it can help us make it easier to buy electricity tokens. so I or you don’t need to go to Indomart anymore to buy the electricity token.

So you don’t get tired of leaving the house or boarding house, it’s more fuel efficient and energy efficient. I remind you not to share your BNI Banking login password with anyone, because it will be dangerous for the safety of your money in the account. Don’t be careless in making transactions, check the website and first read the relevant web info to make it safer. The goal is also to avoid phishing webs that can harm you.

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