Build Lesley Sick and Easy Ways to Get Savage

Build Lesley Sick and Easy Ways to Get Savage – Who does not know this one hero try? Surely almost all mobile legends gamers know this one hero, yes Lesley is a hero with a marksman role.

Even in the rank match mode, sometimes this hero becomes a bone of contention, even at the epic tier and above, the draft pick mode is also an inactive subscription.

Deactivating heroes in draftpick mode in my opinion is a kind of seasonal thing, as recently as hayabusa was not an inactive subscription but now I often find that hayabusa is deactivated especially if there is a new hero that is too over powered it must be a subscription.

The price we need to spend to propose to Lesley is enough with 32000 battle points or around 599 diamonds.

As long as I use this type of marksman hero, almost all of them have very low durability, so as much as possible avoid direct contact with opponents when the level is still low.

Next, let’s first identify the skills possessed by Lesley, in the details of the skills I will add a little trick for gamers, so if you can read in detail, friend.

Skills Lesley Hero Marksman

  1. Lethal Shoot (passive) – Lesley will shoot the opponent so that it will get as much energy as 5, if within 5s Lesley does not get damage then the next bassic attack will give a crit chance of 40% and x1.3 damage. Points from physical penetration will be converted into a crit rate of 1%.
  2. Master of camouflage – Lesley will enter camouflage mode for about 3s, will increase movement speed by 30% and physical attack by 50. Unfortunately, when Lesley gets or deals damage it will cancel this mode. This skill can be used to shoot the opponent’s turret without getting a counterattack from the turret, when you get additional skill level points, focus on this skill first because this skill plays an important role with all skills unlocked.
  3. Tactical Grenade – The skill of throwing grande forward will give a dmg and knockback effect on the opponent, then Lesley will jump backwards. If you are doing ultimate snipe you can cancel using this skill and it will issue a fatal bullet. Additional attacks will appear if the fatal bullet has not been completed. This skill is certainly very helpful if you are being chased by your opponent’s hero and of course the moment must be right because if you fail it will be the same.
  4. Ultimate sniper – Lesley widens the shooting range wider than before and will lock the opponent, then will be fired 4 times will give 200 + 80% extra physical attack + 5% HP lost opponent for physical damage. Each bullet that hits the opponent will restore 10 energy. This skill is very realistic because the bullets can be blocked by other opposing heroes. This one skill is very effective for me, why? in addition to attacking the opponent, we can use it to detect opponents around us which of course avoids the opponent’s gank and again if there is a saber we must be diligent in checking the surrounding area. I think only Lesley has this special skill.

Lesley Gear Items

the strongest lesley gear item 1
  1. Swift boots
  2. Berserker’s fury
  3. Windtalker
  4. Endless battle
  5. Scarlet ghost
  6. Blade of despair
the strongest lesley gear item 2
  1. Rapid boots
  2. Berserker’s fury
  3. Endless battle
  4. Malefic roar
  5. Windtalker
  6. Blade of despair
the strongest lesley gear item 3
  1. Rapid boots
  2. Demon hunter sword
  3. Windtalker
  4. Berserker’s fury
  5. Endless battle
  6. Scarlet Phantom

I often use build item gear no 1, the power that feels very strong will be obtained when the endless battle has been purchased and then I can join the team fight.

Why have to wait until the endless battle? Because if Lesley doesn’t have enough power, of course, she will feel sorry for her teammates who are fighting on the front line.

Actually this is also still gray depending on what role is used by the opponent.


suitable spells for lesley

This flicker ability is very helpful for positioning marksman to be safer, but you can also use the retribution ability which will speed up Lesley’s leveling period which will definitely adjust to your typical play.


emblem suitable for lesley

Because Lesley has a marksman/assassin role, my friend can choose an emblem with a marksman or assassin type.

In the picture above, the level 40 marksman emblem is a weakness finder which will give basic attacks a 20% chance to reduce the opponent’s movement speed by 90% and add 50% attack speed.

Easy Ways to Get Savage

Lesley Savage

The image above is a trial of my smurf account while playing solo. To get savage, the first thing is to do an efficient leveling period without sacrificing the turret, because on most occasions the marksman is always in the middle of the solo lane if the turret is destroyed first it will certainly break the concentration of teammates.

Maintaining the turret is the initial capital that you can be trusted by your teammates, next is when the team fights position the hero at a safe distance but also doesn’t leave friends and focus on using skill 1 as efficiently as possible, this one skill can also cancel the hero lock mode on Lesley , try to attack the closest fighter or assassin type, don’t lock the tank because it will take a long time and sacrifice teammates.

In this team battle, team cohesiveness is very important and also the role of the tank, use skill 1 as efficiently as possible to defeat the opponent.

That’s a little review about Lesley’s hero with the marksman/assassin role and the sickest build of the Gapunyakode version, hopefully it will be useful for Gapunyakode gamers. Thank you

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