How to change your WA (Whatsapp) number with a new one

How to change your WA (Whatsapp) number with a new one – Sometimes we want to change our old cellular number, either because the new number is prettier or we want to change to a service from another provider.

Please note that, if we want to replace the old no wa with a new one, we no longer need to register, we only need to do an exchange system. This method is more effective because we will get benefits such as our chat history that is not deleted.

Because this whatsapp application uses a cellular number as an account indicator, the contacts that are still stored in the old sim number are copied to the phone memory so that the wa account information remains the same and complete.

In addition, before changing numbers, make sure the new number has been entered into the cellphone and an internet connection is available.

Here’s How to Change Whatsapp Number

  1. Open whatsapp
  2. Go to Menu (top right corner), then select settings
  3. Tap on the account option, then select change number (change number)
  4. Then tap next
  5. Enter the old No wa, then followed by the new No wa. tap next
  6. Then, you will get instructions to verify the new number
  7. Done


Before I found out about this feature, I used to often delete the wa application data to change the wa no.

Why am I deleting WhatsApp app data? Deleting the wa application data will reset the application and look like new again, so we can enter a new number on the wa application at the risk of lost chat history.

After I know now with this feature, I can now easily change no wa without having to lose chat history.

That’s a simple tutorial from me, hopefully it can be useful for all of you, friends. Thank you

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