Built-in Voice ScreenRecorder Application and Microphone Simultaneously Free Without Watermark

Screen Recording with built-in audio and Mic – This method can be fairly easy but must meet the conditions that must be followed.

how to record android 2021 internal audio

The main requirement this time is that your device position must be on Android 10. For those of you who are under Android 10, please just skip this article, or if you just want to know, you can watch it to the end.

I have practiced this tutorial myself and this application is capable of recording pubg games with internal sound and can also be used for open mics.

The tools and materials you need to prepare are as follows:

  • Prepare adequate internet
  • Download the screenrecorder application here
  • please prepare a headset and android cellphone that is already android 10
  • Also prepare the game that you want to record, I’ll give an example here using the PUBG Mobile game

If it’s ready, let’s go straight to the screenrecorder application setup process:

  1. Open the screenrecorder application that was downloaded earlier
  2. Create a User id (free content) and click continue
  3. if asked to choose the game you like, please choose one or just skip it
  4. then activate floating windows access permissions, click enable now
  5. Here later, usage access permission is also needed, please activate it too
  6. then if we have selected the + . sign
  7. select Records
  8. Select the game you want to record, if the game doesn’t appear, please click the add more button
  9. select the game and add it, go back to tutorial 6,7, and select the game that was added earlier
  10. then set the recording, you select activate the audio, so we can record the internal sound and the mic as well. use a good gaming headset so that your mic sound when recorded is clear. If you use a bad headset, your voice will be low, unless you use a converter such as a soundcard.

That’s how to record our internal audio as well as our microphone at the same time with the help of additional applications such as this arcade omelette.

This arcade omelette application is actually a streaming application that has been widely used by YouTubers for live.

but this time we don’t use it for live streaming, but only for screen recording.

the advantage is that we are able to record our android screen while simultaneously recording the internal audio and mic sound, besides that this application is free and has no watermark.

the watermark will appear if you edit the video directly with this application, therefore after recording please stop and just exit.

The recording results in this arcade omlet can be checked in your Android folder, the folder name is the same as the application name.

that’s the information about how to record internal audio this time, hopefully the information provided can be useful.

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