Draft Pick 3 Ban, How to Change the Position of Hero Rank in Mobile Legends!

As I wrote in a previous article, the tire system in draft pick mode will change. This 3 hero ban system was originally only for the mythic tier as I recall and the legend – epic tier used a 2 hero ban system.

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If I remember when I entered the advance server that the grandmaster tier already used the draft pick system. So it’s possible that in season 16, the grandmaster tier has started using the draft pick mode. Is it true bro?

Well, for players who are new to using the draft pick system, it might be a little confusing. How to play ? I will explain briefly and as far as I can remember, friend.

What is a Mobile Legends Draft Pick?

  1. Draft Pick Is a preparation mode in the mobile legends game that functions for hero selection.
  2. In draft pick mode, you can exchange heroes or slot positions.
  3. Can disable overpowered heroes according to team

In this mode, you can customize emblems, spells and equipment. Therefore, when entering a draft pick, the team’s victory is at stake because once choosing the wrong hero can be a defeat factor.

How to Request and Swap Hero Positions

To get priority even though we are in the final slot we can swap positions with slot 1 in hero selection. How to ? Let’s talk about one by one, okay?

  1. To get priority from the team, my friend, please select “I want to pic”.
  2. Show win rate, expert, mmr, local rank status.

NB: If you choose “Pre-selection” then you can’t change its position. So if you want to increase its position use “I want to pick”.

How to Exchange Mobile Legends Heroes.

To change heroes between teammates, it can be done after the selection process for all heroes (team and opposing team) is complete. After the selection is complete, a swap icon will appear. By selecting the icon, the process of swapping heroes can be carried out.

With the condition that friends have the same hero. If you do not have the same hero then the swap icon will not appear and the swapping process cannot be carried out.

So little information that I can provide. Come on guys, let’s discuss together about which heroes to subscribe to. I’m waiting for the comments column. Thank you

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