How to Disconnect, Unbind Email Connected to Mobile Legends Account

Creating multiple game accounts is a common thing for some gamers to do. But there are also people who only have one account to be able to play.

But you have to know the rules, why? To avoid penalties from the game if it violates their policies.

A game usually has a feature to switch accounts and link accounts to an email or social media account. It aims to save account data so that it can be reused in the future.

You can also disconnect the account in the Mobile Legends game. However, you must be careful so that the account remains safe and can be used again.

How to Disconnect Mobile Legends Account

  • Select “Account Profile”
  • Then select “Account”
  • Select the type of account that is already connected. If you are already connected by email, please select email.
  • Then select the Account disconnect method

To disconnect your account you have two options, namely:

  • You can login with the account that you connected to disconnect
  • You can login moonton account email to disconnect

If the Mobile Legends game account is important to you, be careful when disconnecting the account.

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