How to Find a Shop on the Latest Shopee 2022

Hello friends, Gapunyakode, how are you today? Have you bought your daily necessities? Hopefully these difficult times will pass quickly, my friend, Indonesia can definitely do it, I myself am sure the +62 people will definitely be able to get through these times.

Speaking of online shopping, friend, if we shop using some e-commerce applications such as Shopee, we will immediately look for the needed items, right, friend?

So, next time, my friend will look for the cheapest price and of course the minimum postage, even if you can get free shipping, is that true, friend? hioo

Furthermore, when you have found the desired item, you will definitely then make an order and wait for the item to be sent to your home.

But sometimes we forget the name of the shop, the shop that has given the lowest price. However, we can still find the shop, friend, one way is by using the search method.

Looking for a Shop on Shopee

  • Use the search method as usual.
  • Write down the word that contains the name of the shop. For example, for example, my friend wants to find a shop selling milk, then just write the word milk.
  • When searching with the word milk it will appear some search word suggestions, (just ignore it because we are looking for a shop).
  • At the bottom of the suggested words is Shop, select “See All” next to the word store. Then it will display the entire store search.

After looking at all the store search sections, all shops selling milk will appear. If you already know the name of the store for sure, then you just have to search using that name, make sure you write it correctly.

Write shop name correctly when searching like karakti “_” “.””-” and etc. Buddy, just adjust the name of the shop, okay?

So, hopefully useful, thank you.

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