How to Find 99 (Cheap) Coins on Shopee

It’s no longer a secret about promo periods at Shopee, because many have experienced shopping at Shopee at quite affordable prices. Buyers usually call change items (goods during the promo period).

What is a dime?

At shopee, loose change is an item that we can buy at a very, very cheap price, even the discount can be up to 99% and the price of the item will be 99 (minimum price from shopee).

In every marketplace, of course, there will be an event where there will be a massive discount and the lucky ones will get good stuff at the lowest price.

However, not a few orders that we make will be canceled on the grounds that the seller gave the wrong price. This kind of seller is usually the first time to set up a shop and is still confused when setting up the shop.

Can non-star sellers be trusted?

When you shop at a store labeled as star seller, you will definitely feel guaranteed and sure if it’s true or not? Yes, I felt the same way when I first started shopping, but over time this couldn’t be the main factor.

Due to several experiences, I was disappointed because the goods did not match the order, for example, when I ordered yellow, it turned out that black came. Even though it’s a simple thing, the color problem is the buyer’s choice.

If we are conventional shopping when we want to buy something but the color is not there then we will choose another place to get what we want. But if we go online, for example, we have ordered a color, but what comes in is a different color, right?

Hmmm, this is what sometimes buyers like me feel disappointed with the seller’s service even though it is a star seller. Therefore, now I myself do not distinguish between star sellers and non-star sellers.

And we usually find this loose change at newly opened shops (non-star sellers) which are still in the promo period to increase sales. There are also shops that are already big sometimes and more during the shopee event.

Can non-star sellers be trusted? The answer is yes! The most important thing is to be careful not to transact outside shopee.

How to Find 99 Shopee Coins?

  1. Please, my friend, write in the comment column the dot “.” or comma “,”. Then search.
  2. Then after the items appear next please filter by filling in the maximum price “99”. Then select apply
  3. Just sort it out buddy

You can set the price starting from 99-999-4999 or something else so that good items can appear in the search. This needs to be done because each seller sometimes provides different prices during the promo period.

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