How to Set Smartphone Internet Data Usage

How to Manage Smartphone Internet Data Usage – Using a large quota has become the desire of almost everyone, because accessing the internet without limits is an exciting thing. If you want to stream a video, it’s ok, if you want to download a large file, it’s okay.

Of course, even this year, the quota price is still too above the average for young people, internet data packages with large quotas are usually priced at around 100k more. Of course it would be difficult to spend that much for young people.

For me, it’s still too tight to buy a package like that, friend, hehe. Maybe for those of you who have already purchased, you can set data restrictions. Why should it be limited? Check out my writing below.

Why Data Quota Must Be Limited?

Even though the quota you get is very, very much, for example 90GB for one month. Even though that much if you are not careful or you lose dooll, it will definitely run out before a month and this will make you regret it.

Although it can be monitored periodically by checking manually through the respective provider’s application, but if you are already comfortable surfing the internet/streaming, I’m sure your beloved friend will forget your data quota.

What used to be 2GB a day turned out to be 10GB itself being used for video streaming, remember, friend, streaming video, we don’t know for sure the size of the file that is loaded (different even though the duration is the same) so it’s very good if you start setting limits on your cellphone.

What Providers Can Be Given Limits?

Both Simpati, Axis, Smartfren, Indosat, XL, Tre and others, you can give a limit. The meaning of this restriction is the use of internet data every day, for example 90 GB, so you can use 3 Giga every day for every day.

Setting Internet Data Restriction Settings Without App

This internet data quota limitation is indeed without an application and for an example later I will use a xiaomi brand cellphone. Even though it’s only one brand, I’m sure other brands such as Oppo, Realmi, Vivo and others also apply this feature.

How to Limit Internet Data Usage

  • Go to settings menu and select sim & mobile networks

  • Then my friend selects a data plan set. In this menu, you will start setting data usage limits.
  • Then a new menu will appear as below.

  • Choose which card you will arrange. Next, my friend, choose a data plan.

  • In this data plan menu, you can set monthly data.
  • To set your daily data, you can select “data usage warning”

  • Set the size (size) of the quota that you will spend in a day. For example, 1GB, you can write 1GB or 1024MB
  • Then select when exceeded (if it exceeds the limit). You can choose two options, namely displaying warnings and displaying warnings and disabling mobile data (internet). Just choose the second one, friend, so that the warning is more patent.

After you finish setting the warning notification, the stage is complete and will work after the daily quota has reached the bandwidth that you have set every day.

This method is more effective to keep the package still reaching the expiration date without having to worry about the regular quota running out at one time.

Even though you have reached the limit, you can still use the internet later. Because when it exceeds the limit and the internet is off, you can turn on the internet again manually and just ignore the notification.

That’s the information that Gapunyakode can provide, friend, of course sharing is beautiful and the author hopes that the article can be useful for his beloved Gapunyakode friend. Thank you and don’t forget to visit this site to stay updated with the latest info.

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