How to Activate Shopee Barokah for Payment Methods

Hello fellow shoppers, don’t have a code, it seems that online shopping has become an activity that many people are used to these days. Of course we still have to be careful, don’t go crazy, unless you have more funds and can be used for shopping.

Plus, this October, the 3rd of the shopee flagship twin date event, the shipping is back to last year. This policy is very, very confusing for some people who really like online shopping.

Well, soon you’re about to enter Ramadan, friend, shopee has a good feature to support you in shopping so that you become more comfortable when doing worship, namely shopee barokah.

Maybe it’s aimed at reducing usury, because I’m personally not very good at this chapter, we’ll just go ahead, friend, but if you have someone who understands, you can share your knowledge through the comments column.

But all of that remains everyone’s choice, friend, because this feature can be activated and deactivated independently through the shopee application.

How to Activate Shopee Barokah

1. Open the shopee application then look for the shopee barokah menu which is under the shopeepay balance.

2. After logging in then look for the menu (baner) to activate. Examples as below

3. Select activate now and you will be taken to the choice of payment method

4. Well, my friend, just activate it in the settings above, after that my friend needs to close the Shopee application and then reopen it.

5. After I checked, it turns out that this setting applies to items in shopee and not only items on the barokah menu.

Later the payment method after activating Shopee Barokah will be as above, friend. Spaylater, credit cards and various other credit services will automatically turn off as long as we activate the blessing menu. So, how are you guys? It’s quite helpful not for my friends to worship in the month of Ramadan.

So first, friend, the latest information from Gapunyakode, hopefully it will be useful and hopefully it can help my friend. Thank you

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