Easy Ways to Shop at Tokopedia [COD]

Previously, I had the experience of not using this green, because my first purchase using a coupon was not delivered even though I had completed the payment. It’s a bit annoying to eat, it’s very rare for me to discuss this green.

But on the second chance, suddenly there were shopping coupons and when you shopped, the results were delivered according to your order, well from now on I won’t be different from other people, hehe.

How to shop at Tokopedia is not difficult, mate, if you’ve already shopped online, I’m sure it won’t take long to understand. Because the shopping scheme in all marketplaces in my opinion is the same, maybe it’s just a different appearance. Here’s more in short:

How to Shop at Tokopedia

1. The first thing that is needed is an application and an account, if you don’t have the application, please download it first on the Playstore or Appstore. After that, my friend can create an account, just prepare your cellphone number.

2. Next, you just need to shop, that is by looking for the things you need. If you want to find brown rice, then you just write the word in the search field and various options will appear.

3. Before buying, you can interact with the seller via chat, you can ask about the type, stock and others.

4. The Buy Direct button will take you to the payment menu.

5. The Cart button will add the product to the shopping list and you can still choose other items.

6. In the cart menu, you can choose what items to buy in one transaction. You can also add the number of items to be purchased. In this menu, you can also use shopping coupons, be it cashback or discounts.

7. If it is steady, please select the buy button and will go to the payment menu.

8. Confirm your shipping address and then select a shipping service. Please, my friend, choose the delivery service that you think is the best in your area.

9. Check insurance if you want a safer shipping process.

10. In this menu you can also enter shopping coupons to save more.

11. Then select the type of payment. At Tokopedia, there are so many payment methods, you can use ATM, Mbanking, OVO, Paylater, Alfamart, Indomaret, COD and others.

12. After that continue the process.

Payment tampered with COD

Shopping at Tokopedia can also be paid for when the goods arrive at home, want to know how, friend? Let’s take a look at the steps below.

1. First, please search for the product using the search field.

2. Then my friend can filter the items displayed.

3. Filter search and select the type of offer COD, then select show products.

4. So that later my friend can choose which products offer COD payments.

5. Make sure the product has the words “code available” [bayar ditempat]”.

6. Then when my friend is going to place an order or make a payment process, then my friend must choose cod payment.

7. See all payment methods and scroll through payment methods until you find cod payments.

8. Then complete the process.

9. And my friend will pay for the entire shopping when the goods have arrived home.

When doing a cod payment system, it’s best if you prepare cash, if you can, it’s the right one so that the process doesn’t take too long.

So, friend, the information that I can provide may be useful. Thank you

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