How to pay COD at Shopee? Here's the Process

Some people choose to look for stores that have COD features or pay on the spot, why? Because some people feel more secure and comfortable when they see the goods ordered have arrived at home and have just been paid for.

What is COD?

This abbreviation comes from cash on delivery which has the general meaning of payment when sending ordered goods. It’s easier when shopping, then we order the seller to make an appointment at a place and payment is made when we meet.

Some e-commerce in Indonesia mostly already have a cod feature for payment methods, including shopee.

How to choose COD payment at Shopee?

1. Please, my friend, select a product and enter your shopping cart.

2. When the goods are correct please checkout.

3. Next, when you are already in the checkout feature, please choose a payment method.

4. Select COD on the payment method option. For more details, see the image below.

5. After selecting COD (pay on the spot) then you just need to confirm.

6. Then the payment method will change to COD. Like the picture below.

7. If it is as above then my friend just make an order and wait for the order package to arrive.

How to pay COD at Shopee?

This method of payment will of course be done when the delivery service courier comes to the buyer’s house or destination.

When the courier comes with the order package, you must provide the total amount of money when ordering.

For example : Like the picture above I ordered a total of 83,640 then I will pay to the courier that amount.

Just give the money to the courier, friend and let the courier continue the payment. So you just need to give a message that the order has been received. But if it can’t be done then wait a few hours until the accepted button will appear and can be used.


Well, that’s how the cod payment process is at Shopee. For those of you who choose this method because of convenience, you can take advantage of this feature. Because the process is not too complicated to do. Thank you

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