How to Play Mobile Legend ML For Beginners

Although many mobile games have been released and captured the hearts of players, this one moba game still survives with its loyal fans who play and always push rank day and night.

If you just want to start playing mobile legends, then at least you have to know the basics of the game so you don’t make a wrong move. We will discuss the basics of how to play mobile legends below.

Nickname Creation

Every time you create a new account, you will be asked to create an account nickname. Well, in this case, my friend, use a name that you think is good because the opportunity to change your nickname is only 1 time, then it’s not free anymore.

In Match

If you are interested in playing ML because of your rank, what you need to do is collect a minimum of 5 heroes and increase your level to 8 to be able to open rank mode matches.

To increase your level, you can play in classic or brawl mode and as the level increases, heroes will also be collected.

Hero Selection

Determining the hero to be used is important because from here we will win the match.

The main key in choosing a hero is that you have to like the hero first, when people like it, they will try to play as well as possible.

At least you have to master 3 hero roles, if you can, more is better, this is to make you flexible when playing with the same typical player.

Use of Build Items

What you need and what is important is setting the build items that will later be brought into the game.

For your reference, you can see some of my articles that provide advice on building legend mobile heroes.

Emblem Usage

Increase the level of your emblem according to the hero you are using, for example a fighter type hero, then you can increase the emblem with a physical or fighter type.

This emblem is very influential in your hero when fighting, it will be even more pronounced if the level is maximum, the effect will be felt.

Spell Usage

The use of spells in matches is not much different from the use of emblems and items. Buddy must choose the right spell for the hero to be used.

Adjust to the playing style of the hero that is being used, because each hero has a different level of compatibility. Different players have different styles of using spells to play.

Practice Match

What new players often do is compete using new heroes in classic or rank mode.

If so, the one who is harmed is not only yourself but one team will feel the loss due to not mastering 100% of the hero skills.

Then start playing gradually when using a new hero, such as starting from AI matches to Brawl to Classic then to rank mode.

At least do 5 matches using the new hero and feel whether you are suitable for using that hero.

Those are the basic things that can be done when starting to play mobile legends games. October be useful

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