Easy Ways to Change Language on Our Android

Tutorial to Change the Language of Our Android Smartphone

Anyone can’t speak a foreign language or English? maybe this is one of the reasons why many people want to change the language on their android. some are confused with English or other languages. especially those who are lay people in the English world. or maybe because you don’t like to use English so you want to change the Android language to Indonesian.

All return to our own self, depending on which language we like. so changing the language on android can change the language in certain applications too, so the risk is on each of you. For those of you who want to switch from English to Indonesian or vice versa, you can change it in our Android settings easily. Of course, every Android with a different brand and operating system also has a different way of changing the language. but in general we can find it in the settings and then change the language.

You need to know that the ROM version on your Android also affects the presence or absence of the language you want to choose. an example of a case is on a xiaomi phone which has a global version of the rom and the china version of the rom. the Chinese version of the rom is not available in Indonesian, while the global rom is available. for vivo, oppo and samsung phones I don’t know yet. because of my experience using Chinese roms first so I know because I once wanted to change to Indonesian but it wasn’t available, there was only an English option.

Actually, we can add Indonesian to the Chinese rom, but it’s complicated, boss. let’s just discuss it directly to the topic of conversation, namely how to change our android language. just follow the tutorial below

  1. Go to Settings/Settings on your android smartphone
  2. Select Additional Settingsthen select Language & Input and select the language you want to use. See the instructions in the image below
    Easy Ways to Change Language on Our Android
    The process of changing English to Indonesian on Xiaomi Android phones
  3. Those who use android custom rom version 9.0 android pie can follow this method, namely by clicking Settings / Settings then selecting System, then clicking Language & input> selecting Language and looking for the language you want to use. see clearer instructions in the image below
    Easy Ways to Change Language on Our Android
    How to change language on android 9.0 or android pie

Changing the language is one of our basic tutorials in getting to know Android. For your friends who can’t change the language on their cellphone, you can share this article with your friends to get information about how to change and change the language on their Android phone.

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