How to Buy Credit Using the Latest BNI Mobile Banking Application

Tutorial on Topup Credit in Internet Banking Applications on Android

Credit has many uses, such as purchasing products at certain online shops, to be exchanged for internet data packages and for calling and sms purposes and many other things. so the pulse is very important and even always needed. many of us usually look for free credit from the internet, but it is very difficult to get because we have to complete many tasks, distribute referral codes and others.

This time we will not discuss free credit, we will discuss how to buy credit through the BNI Banking application installed on our android. actually we can open internet banking itself through our browser but this time we access it through the android application which you can download on the playstore.

How to Buy Credit Using the Latest BNI Mobile Banking Application

Internet banking has many benefits and greatly facilitates us in conducting transactions. we no longer need to go to an atm to make transfers between different and between banks. all of that can be done in your m-banking application as long as you only have enough balance. here I just give an example through the process of buying credit which is very easy. we don’t need to go to the counter and the price is also cheap and saves us 500 rupiah. let’s just go to the tutorial on how to make a credit purchase in the mobile banking application:

  1. please you guys open your BNI Banking application and login first
  2. Click Purchase Options
  4. and Enter the required data such as, telephone number, nominal pulse needed, also choose your account that has a balance. Then click continue
  5. After that you enter your BNI banking transaction password, then click continue again and congratulations you have successfully purchased credit with the nominal you have chosen. Please watch the video below for more clarity

This mobile banking application is very easy to use and very helpful in our transactions. For the sake of transaction security, never give your user id and mpid password and transaction password to others. In addition, provide a password lock for the BNI banking application to make it more secure. If you are confused or afraid to follow this step, you can watch the video I provided above to make the transaction process clearer.

So that’s how to buy credit using the mobile banking application on our android. I really hope this tutorial can provide benefits for those of you who need it.

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