How to Block SMS or Calls On Android

Tutorial Blocking Mobile Numbers That Annoy Us on Android

Have you ever been called or SMS bombed by someone you don’t know? Or maybe your friends do it? this time the informant will discuss how to block a cellphone number that annoys us on android.

Of course, after being blocked, we will not get notifications from the phone number. for friends who are often bullied by their friends, you can block them in a way that I will give later. before that, let’s first discuss a few problems that I have experienced so that I can make this tutorial.

so at that time there was a stray cellphone number called and texted me, he asked to meet and from his voice he sounded like a thug. I’m pretty scared too because he keeps texting and calling. I finally decided to block it. there was also a case that my mother asked for the credit, I also blocked it because I was afraid that she would keep texting.

From that experience, I finally thought of making this tutorial, who knows if any of my friends want to block their ex’s cellphone number so they don’t keep bothering them or for other reasons. let’s just start the tutorial on how to block certain cellphone numbers that we think are annoying:

  1. Here I am using redmi 3s and already the latest miui 10. usually different rom there is a slight difference in the settings. after that you open your dial phone
  2. Then select the three line menu in the lower left corner
  3. After that you select blocklist> Block Numbers

    How to Block SMS or Calls On Android
    Septemberbe every android phone that has a different brand, also has different settings. Or you can say it’s similar, depending on those of you who understand it.
  4. Next, enter the mobile number you want to block

    How to Block SMS or Calls On Android
    If you only want to block SMS then just check the SMS list and if you want to block the phone then also check the Block Calls option. after that click ok

From the tutorial above you can block the cellphone number you want, but there is a faster way, namely by clicking and holding on the cellphone number in your recent tab, then selecting block. this method is very fast without having to enter the number manually. You can practice at home first by trying to block the desired cellphone number. Watch the video above for a detailed explanation

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