How to Make Extended Screenshots on Android Easily Without Installing Third-Party Applications

Take screenshot on android with Scroll Mode – Taking screenshots already exists on every Android phone, but not all mobile phones support this scroll mode. This scroll mode allows us to take pictures of our cellphone screen in full. this means that if we can scroll on our screen page, it means we can use this scroll mode to take screenshots as a whole.

Septemberbe some of you are familiar with the term long screenshot or screenshot that extends because the overall function of this scroll mode is to take pictures lengthwise. for example, I gave an example that you were asked to capture the entire contents of your chat by your girlfriend, then you can use the scrolling screenshot mode to take the entire picture without having to capture it block by block. and the screenshot image that is deflected is also only one but elongated. whereas if you capture it in block-by-block mode, the results will be many or more than one.

just try to do a screenshot with this scroll mode:

  1. For example, I want to capture the display contents from the settings on my cellphone, then simply press the screenshot button and the image will be printed, then select the image which is still in minimaze mode then click scroll. Look at the following picture so you can see it more clearly
    How to Make Extended Screenshots on Android Easily Without Installing Third-Party Applications
    How to do a long screenshot or long screenshot on Android
  2. Make sure you have opened your mobile settings, then click screenshot as shown above

On xiaomi phones, this extended screenshot feature is available and we no longer need to install third-party applications to take screenshots. what you need to pay attention to when doing a long screenshot is that the area has more space and can be scrolled down, if you can’t scroll down then it’s unlikely that a long screenshot can be done.

how do you guys understand yet? if you still don’t understand, you can ask in the comments column, I hope you succeed!!!

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