How to Block Someone Else's Instagram Account on the Android Instagram App

Block Instagram users – Having many friends on Instagram allows us to interact with them by sharing moments with stories or photos through their respective Instagram timelines. Of course, those whose names are us on social media, there will always be people who don’t like us or we don’t like someone either.

Because you don’t like it, it will cause hatred for these users because they often spread provocation images or inappropriate photos that make us have to block them. or he could have sent a dm or message to us with disrespectful words so that the user must be blocked.

Blocking Instagram users can make those users no longer able to access our timeline or even send messages to us and vice versa. maybe here there are also those who just broke up with their girlfriends and then want to block their Instagram accounts so they can quickly move on to others. You can do this way to block other people’s Instagram by following this tutorial:

  1. Open your Instagram application and click on the timeline profile of the account of the person you want to block
  2. Then click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select block then select yes, then you have successfully blocked the account. see the steps in the image below

    How to Block Someone Else's Instagram Account on the Android Instagram App
    An example of an account that was blocked because it was too beautiful
  3. Instagram account blocking process is complete.

What if I want to unblock that person’s instagram account or Unblock or unblock that person’s account? it’s very easy buddy, you can follow the instructions I gave below

  1. Open your timeline menu, select settings and after that select block account to see a list of blocked instagram accounts
  2. After that select one of the Instagram users then click unblock. look at the example in the following picture

    How to Block Someone Else's Instagram Account on the Android Instagram App
    An example of how to cancel someone else’s Instagram account that you blocked

The way I gave above is to block and open the results of blocking other people’s Instagram accounts that you have blocked. I hope this tutorial can provide useful information for those of you who don’t know how.

Thus, we no longer need to worry because people who often spread provocation on racial and political issues that we don’t like can be blocked easily so that we are not contaminated with negative things that can make us emotional and harm us.

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