Havoc Os Official Review and Havoc Os Special Mod Whyred Redmi Note 5 Pro

Difference between Havoc Os unofficial and Havoc Os Official – I will share a little of my experience regarding using havoc os unofficial and havoc os official. here I use the redmi note 5 pro, so the review applies specifically to the redmi note 5 pro huh..

Havoc Os Official Review and Havoc Os Special Mod Whyred Redmi Note 5 Pro

for the redmi note 5 pro or the code name whyred, I use 4 ram and 64 GB internal. the havoc official build and the unofficial havoc os that I use in the same build, namely build 20220512.

In terms of installation, I get the convenience when installing unofficial havoc, because in unofficial havoc already includes opengapps so no need to install opengapps again. just clean flash and install the unofficial havoc, then wait until the rom is finished installing and please boot and set it yourself. You can check the complete installation method on YouTube or XDA forums, you can also join Telegram.

in havoc official we have to install opengapps and the icon material used is quite a bit different from the one on havoc os unofficial. you can see in the messaging app section the official havoc and unofficial havoc icons. and I prefer the unofficial one. Actually, we can just install it on the official app, but I prefer to just be born with it.

havoc os unofficial uses a different launcher from havoc official. havoc os unofficial uses quickstep and havoc os launcher uses launchair.

as we know, in havoc os official using launchair version 2 which is still in beta development. this makes havoc os official sometimes experience lags due to unstable launchair.

The advantage of launchair over quickstep is that we can customize icons without having to change the launcher.

in havoc os unofficial to change the icon you have to change the launcher, but in havoc unofficial the launcher is more stable and so far I feel at home on havoc os unofficial.

now we discuss the game, I try to compare it to play games on these two roms. from the experience i got, for the game i play is pubg mobile.

when on havoc official, I played it safe until the battery was at 24% and it lags a bit but after that it was stable. this is due to possible battery drain. for the level of heat that is produced, it is quite hot but not very hot.

in unofficial havoc, i experienced a little lag when the battery reached 20% and in my opinion the game performance on havoc os both official and unofficial is almost the same.

for the kernel used in havoc unofficial and official are also different. On havoc os, both unofficial and official, there is a camera application built in by xiaomi, so it can be duet with gcam.

There are other differences, but I’m still looking for more, like the Device ionizer feature which isn’t in the official havoc yet, but is in the unofficial havoc. I think it will be added in the next official build but this depends on the developer.

Septemberbe some of my friends know what else the difference between havoc official and havoc is unofficial can help write in the comments column, I’ll check it later and I’ll add it to this article.

what is clear is that I feel comfortable using the unofficial havoc, and until now I’m still using the unofficial version. Different people have different tastes, so it’s only natural that you can have a different opinion from me. thanks for dropping by!!

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