RevengeOs Pie Review For Redmi 3s

RevengeOs Review – Good morning fellow bloggers, this time I want to share a little of my experience using a custom rom from RevengeOs Android Pie that I have installed on my Redmi 3s.

Revenge Os . Home Web Display

RevengeOs is one of the CAF-based android custom roms. different from havoc which base aosp.

Revenge Os is a very good custom rom in my opinion, with an attractive and simple rom display. The rom is also smooth and when you first use it, you immediately feel comfortable.

for revengeOs, we don’t need to install opengaps because the rom already includes opengapps or it already has opengapps preinstalled.

After using it for two days, I started to feel a bit of a problem where there are some problems that I have found, such as the notification does not appear in the statusbar.

so when a new message comes in, it doesn’t display a notification message even though the notification tone is there. I asked about this problem in the forum and someone helped answer it, it turned out that only the land device did not appear.

if friends experience what I’m experiencing, you can bring up the notification by going to TWRP and doing a wipe dalvick and cache then rebooting into the system again. after I do this, the notification appears again and is normal like most other roms.

the second problem when I long press on the statusbar for the wifi settings it doesn’t work normally, for the gcam it’s safe and other problems I haven’t found.

If you are interested in downloading this revenge Os custom rom, you can go directly to the official RevengeOs website, just click here!!

for the build I use is RevengeOs build 20220429 and I think this rom is good and you must try it. but back to each other’s tastes, guys.

RevengeOs Pie Review For Redmi 3s

for the battery it is quite durable and in this rom my cellphone feels warm and I don’t know why it feels hot. now I’m back to havoc 2.4 again.

In revengeOs I also experience system UI which every few minutes sometimes the UI restarts itself, maybe this is one of the reasons why I switched to custom roms again. other than that for customization in this build that I use on this land device, custom buttons such as single, double and long taps are not yet available. but for future updated versions, I don’t know whether to add this option or not.

RevengeOs Pie Review For Redmi 3s

so that’s a little review from me regarding revengeOs that I installed on my redmi 3s. hopefully can provide information for friends who want to install this rom. don’t forget to leave your comments or write your friends’ experiences in this comment after installing this revengeOs rom. Thank you for visiting!!

Remember guys, different devices have different tastes, different people have different opinions, so feel the difference for yourself..!!

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