How to activate Quick Unlock so that when you enter a smartphone pin or password you don't need to enter

Turning On Quick Lock Without Pressing Enter On Android – Using a custom rom, we will do some new settings on some settings on our smartphone. one of them is to configure or activate a password for our smartphone.

The purpose of installing this password is for the security of our cellphones. The password that can be selected is usually a pattern, pin or password. but this time we will discuss the problem of pins and passwords only. so when we activate security with a pin or password on our android smartphone, we will enter a few digit numbers which will then be checked automatically by the android system when we press the check button or enter.

So in this discussion, we will discuss how to activate the quick unlock feature so that we no longer need to press the enter button or the check button on our keyboard. this allows us to open the lock screen faster. how to activate it may be slightly different from each device and each different android version. What the informant will give an example of is using Android version 9.0 or Android Pie.

Let’s start with how to activate the quick unlock feature:

  1. Open Settings then select Security & Location
  2. Next Click the Gear icon or gear next to Screen Lock
  3. After that Swipe right on Options Quick Unlock To carry out the process of activating this feature, pay attention to the summary in the image below
    How to activate Quick Unlock so that when you enter a smartphone pin or password you don't need to enter

So every time I change a custom rom I usually always activate this feature. I think this feature is very helpful and very much needed by us. so for friends who like to change custom roms, I suggest that after you finish installing the new rom, you must activate this Quick Unlock option.

That’s the information that the informants can provide, hopefully what the informants write can be helpful and useful for all of their friends. Thank you for stopping by to read my blog post. don’t forget to share with our friends, they also know and get new knowledge about the android world on this blog.

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