How to Use the Smart lock Feature For Android Smartphone

A Brief Review About Smart Lock or Android Smart Lock – Smart lock is a security feature to help secure our smartphones. This feature is present on our Android smartphones but there are still some people who do not understand how to use it.

How to Use the Smart lock Feature For Android Smartphone

Some of the features in this smart lock such as On-body detection, Trusted places, Trusted devices, trusted face, voice match have their own advantages. You can take advantage of the smart lock feature to unlock your smartphone in certain situations without having to enter a pin or pattern.

Currently, the smartphone is already sophisticated, there are many security features that already exist on our cellphones such as fingerprints to help unlock our cellphones quickly and there is also a face unlock feature.

The Trusted face and Face Unlock features are actually different, but have the same concept, which is to be able to recognize our faces to unlock our smartphones. If your smartphone does not support the faceunlock feature, you can install the existing custom rom according to your cellphone type. by combining a custom rom and opengapss like on my smartphone, then I can enjoy the trusted face feature. but here there is something that makes me a little disappointed, because the trusted face is a little slow compared to other ported face unlock features. maybe because of different rom factors and the level of optimization and stability of the rom can affect the speed level in detecting our faces, or it could be another possibility.

So, for those of you who want to activate the smart lock feature, you can follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open your smartphone and select settings
  2. Then search Security & Location
  3. Next you are looking for trust agent and turn on Smart Lock his
  4. Then back to Security & Settings pageafter that you guys Click Smart Lock and enter your pattern pin or password
  5. Then you are faced with several feature options as I mentioned in the second paragraph above. choose one of the security features that you really want to use. for example I use the Trusted Face feature
  6. Select Trusted Face and do your face recognition through your smartphone camera
  7. if you have then you please lock your smartphone and then try to enter but without entering your password or pin.
  8. Usually if successful, your cellphone will open immediately, but if it fails it’s usually because of the dark factor or maybe not looking good, just kidding guys..

So that’s more or less how to use a smart lock on our Android smartphone, if your smartphone has a face unlock feature available then you can just use this feature because it’s better than a trusted face. but if you want to try the ported face unlock feature, you can search at xda developer to get it. but I suggest to be more careful when you try that ported face unlock, read the rules and requirements so that your cellphone doesn’t experience problems.

That’s all the information from the informant this time, hopefully this information can be useful for all of his friends. don’t forget to help share and comment to help provide criticism so that I can write useful and more useful things. Thank you for your visit!!

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