How to Access Sites Blocked by the Government Or Overcome Web Affected by Positive Internet Through Android without using a VPN

How to Visit without a VPN – This time I will use the website as an example, because this website cannot be opened using the internet without a VPN. is a web consisting of many users or communities or organizations that share information such as news, funny stories, pictures, and videos that are shared by a particular forum or community.

Usually when we encounter a problem and we search on google then there will be some suggestions that are displayed on this reddit website. or maybe you are looking for a specific solution and the answer is on reddit then we will try to access this, but the website page cannot be opened or accessed. this happens because we usually need a vpn to access this page. itself is blocked by the Indonesian government, for the reason I still don’t dare to write it because the information I get is still unclear.

This tutorial we can also use to open websites that are exposed to positive Internet and as usual you can also open adult sites without a VPN which I will share below later.

So how do you access the Reddit website without having to use a VPN? let’s go straight to the tutorial how to access the page without having to use a vpn. you can follow this tutorial but on the condition that you must already be in android version 9.0 or android pie. for those whose Android is still Oreo and below or Android below Android 9.0 then you can also use the method below later, it’s just that you have to install additional applications. let’s just get started:

  1. Open Settings > Network & Internet > Private DNS
  2. Enter dns on the private dns provider hostname option then save
    How to Access Via android without using a VPN
  3. if you have, please open the website via your android phone.

I myself usually get this information from, so friends who can’t access can try this method if you’re in Android 9.0 position. but if you are not on android 9.0, you can access reddit using your vpn.

If friends are using Android below Android 9.0 or Android Oreo and below, then you must install additional applications on the Playstore. please watch the video below to get additional information about the apk you need to install:

So first, the information about how to access without a VPN on our Android smartphone, hopefully the information that the admin provides can be useful. don’t forget to help me share this article with your friends so that we can get information about how to access, so we don’t get confused because the reddit page cannot be opened or accessed with our provider network in Indonesia. so there must be dns or vpn help in order to access

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by to read this simple blog.

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